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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Stench, May 31, 2018.

  1. Jitender

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    Most tiles need a head-lap of 75mm on normal pitched roof, obviously greeter if shallower pitch.

    The head lap is measured from the top edge of the tile down.

    Nail holes on the tiles will all be the same distance as factory made and and set, is there a nib(s) on the underneath of tile?
  2. Stench

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    ok that's bad news didn't realise they needed 75mm headlap- i'll get him to show me how much headlap he has used -I will go up there and get him to show me the measurement from the lower edge of the ridge tile to the bottom edge of the first row, then some simple maths should provide the answer, given the known length of the Marley Modern is 420mm.
    Still not happy.
  3. Jitender

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  4. Stench

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    Thanks- yes I got that- I've just been up now in fading light and managed to get a tape up to the ridge- the headlap is about 30mm max where you can see that nail hole.
    What I'm not sure about is this: because the existing roof tiles to the original house were already fitted , he was presumably spacing the battens on the new roof area by following the existing batten spacing which then had inevitable consequences on that lower ridge- if so, I assume the only way he could have avoided this would have been to reduce the spacing gradually on a few rows of battens on the higher part of the roof to be able to fix the first batten below that lower ridge higher up and therefore closer to it?
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  5. jonathanc

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    Depending on the pitch of the roof you might need 100mm overlap. I suspect if you check all over the roof you are probably not at 75mm anywhere

    Looks to me the mistake was made when setting out: the only answer is to take it all off and start again including underlying membrane: don't want loads of holes in that.
  6. Stench

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    I measured the other rows and it is between 70 and 90mm overlap in most places so I think it is just that first row below the lower ridge that is effected.
    I don't see that stripping the roof is a realistic option to be honest as my house is a semi and next door has the same Marley tiles laid out the same as mine. If my layout was changed it would look completely different visually from the adjoining house and I have not seen that sort of work on any of the other properties in the neighbourhood- the roofs are all laid out in a way that matches the adjoining property.
    Apologies if I am missing something obvious here.
  7. Josh.91

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    Or fill with Resin?
  8. Jitender

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    I can understand about the neighbor joining roof, if using same tiles then. The rest of roof will be fine.

    One option would be to strip the roof down to the ridge and then increase overlap. Or lastly option is to add another row of tiles and somehow increase the ridge.

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