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  1. Jack HIGGINS

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    I am replacing a 35mmthick door with a 40mm thick one but doorstops of course are 35mm. If I rebate the new hinges in from the jamb an extra 5mm into the door thickness will that hinder the door operation. I realize that the door will sit 5mm out from frame but that does not seem a big problem.
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    The door will only open 90° which might get wrenched very easily and you'll have to offset the mortice latch/lock. It will also look carp. You're also exposing the door edges to the elements. You can do it the other way - offset the hinges out from the frame by 5mm but there won't be much holding the door on.

    You could -
    - use parliament hinges set so that you can achieve what you want but you'll have to adjust the leading edge of the door
    - change the frame
    - get a door that fits
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    As spam goes it's not even close. More like cheese!

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