Exterior shelter Stain and Varnish

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    4766B138-A538-47D6-9B64-A4D194B5D58E.jpeg 5738399C-16CF-40AE-9E0A-CCD56A52A1E8.jpeg Hi I have been asked by a friend if I could stain and varnish the smoking shelter at his pub, can anyone tell me what type of wood this is? I only ask because maybe i could forget about the stain and just clear coat it. Any advise would be much appreciated.
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    Wouldn't use a clear coat, after a good clean and going over with aid of an orbital sander spend a few quid and use Sadolin Classic (range of colour tints available) on the bulk of it and Sadolin Superdec on the screening behind the gate. Use household bleach on the masonry and wash off after 1 hour, the timber is probably a construction grade softwood pine is as best I can tell from the photos. My consultancy fee is 35% of the total cost of the job plus VAT. :cool:;)
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    Thanks for that, I will look ad getting the stuff you mentioned. Much appreciated.

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