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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by sld2012, Dec 13, 2021.

  1. sld2012

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    Thanks, that was just half of the text he had sent me when saying I was more than welcome to find someone else... The rest of it was 'To be honest what has annoyed me is you sending me videos on how to fit a kitchen, it's very insulting and rude. I would not send you videos on how to do your job!!'

    I had sent him a video from Wren showing how they install a side panel and pelmet compared to the way he had installed mine, he pointed out that he installed it correctly but my current builder says it has been done all wrong.... From that reply it seemed like he wasn't really interested.

    Should I just text him the following:
    'With immediate effect I am ending our agreement with regards to my kitchen renovation as you have previously stated timing is a problem to complete my project.'
  2. sld2012

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    Thanks Truckcab79. Since the new builder has taken up the job, materials have already cost me about about £1500 plus the labour. I doubt I would put it a claim as the chances of me winning seem slim. Just wonder how many people he has played around with. It's taken us a long time to put together all this money.
  3. jonathanc

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    you can but you may get an invoice for the balance of the quote! As I said you need to get him to cancel in order to have any realistic chance of reclaiming money
  4. sld2012

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    Sorry to be a pain, what should I say to him for him to cancel?
  5. jonathanc

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    Ask him to complete the works within say two weeks. If he says he cannot do that then you reply and say that there has already been an unreasonable delay and failure to complete within two weeks will be treated as a termination of contract
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  6. sld2012

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    Thanks jonathanc, I've already told him I'll find someone else (and already done as the new builder has worked 2 days), do you think I can still say that to him?
  7. Truckcab79

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    Honestly I’d just move on. If he comes looking for the balance tell him to do one. If he can’t be arsed to turn up to a job I can guarantee he can’t be arsed to pursue it legally. He’ll be well aware that his quality and performance is sub-standard. Sadly he’ll just move on to taking someone else’s hard-earned now.
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  8. Mr Rusty

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    I agree with @Truckcab79. In the commercial world the manner of termination would be critical. In this situation the chances of any comeback are somewhere between slim and none, and also, unfortunately trying to go after him for a claim probably isn't going to be worth the hassle. It wouldn't be a slam-dunk win either. Forget it, move on and hope the new builder does a good job and you are not down too much.
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  9. Astramax

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    Must be a video on You Tube......................sorry couldn't resist. :oops:
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