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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Shanemag85, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. sparko69

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    Your opinion is irrelevant to what was requested so no your opinion is not sound . You then got angry and argumentative and started changing the subject. You also lied and I put you straight. Don't cry
  2. Andy_1983

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    It’s likely that the op wouldn’t know what an intermediate switch is, maybe having had it suggested they would think it was a really good idea.

    Worth thinking about - clients don’t always know all the options, so offering different solutions is usually welcome.

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  3. sparko69

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    Why do you think an intermediate switch would be a good idea when it was stated that the old switch is not necessary? If he wanted to keep the old switch then maybe an intermediate would be a good suggestion but that's not what was asked for

    However due to the location of the switch nearest the hallway door, it's going to be put on a 3 gang 2 way switch in the hallway.

    However for aesthetics she wants to keep the living room switch in place, but not necessarily functional as it won't be used anyway.
  4. Shanemag85

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    Cheers guys for both inputs. Both very useful Indeed. As you can probably tell I'm obviously not a professional however I'm also fairly clued up. Wagos are a great idea however space is extremely tight in the backbox.

    I did not know what an intermediate switch was and that you could get them, which in hindsight makes my question look noobish haha. However a quick Google sorted that out and the wiring for this looks basic to be honest.

    Up to now I've wired up the entire home under advice from a close friend who is a qualified electrician, however is currently away on holiday which is why I've asked here. He checks and signs off my work when completed.

    Lucky I can get an intermediate in the style we are using and although only slightly trickier, will be better on space and keep the other light switch functional, which although not important, would be nice to have and probably won't cost anything as I will probably be able to replace the switch I have in now as it is still as good as new having only been recently put in.

    So again thank you both but I think I will be going with the intermediate switch
  5. Philip Hyde

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    Absolutely no problem . I'm glad my Useless suggestion helped your decision. :)

    PS Your reply has made my day :)
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  7. Shanemag85

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    Not taking sides here at all, however in my opinion the only useless suggestion is the one that wasn't suggested.

    Thanks again
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  8. Philip Hyde

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    Completely agree and you shouldn't need to. It's a public forum everyone has different ideas and solutions. Justs seems some people don't agree with that.
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  9. Andy_1983

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    I Think this is where we were coming from. You came up with your own idea, which was workable - but then you were given another option to consider, and was able to make an informed choice. I think that’s all we we trying to do.

    I don’t know why the other guy got so upset...

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