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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by gherae, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. gherae

    gherae New Member

    I'm fitting an extractor fan as supplied by Screwfix. The installation instructions require a fused, double pole switch to be placed outside the bathroom. Fine. I am taking the supply from the existing lighting circuit.
    My question is this;
    1.Is there a DP Ceiling switch with a fuse that I can use inside the bathroom,
    2. Does the switch outside (or inside) the bathroom have to be fused,
    3. Are the fan isolators supplied by screwfix fused.
    More than one question, I know, but any advice would be appreciated,
  2. grameme

    grameme New Member

    if you are feeding the fan from the lights then you do not need a fuse as fans are capbable of dealing whith that current you do need an isolator that should be dual pole it should be outside of the room and out of the way i uysualy mount them above the door frame. 3 pole isolators are not fused as the are only rated for lighting circuits ie 6 or 10 amp
  3. motor head

    motor head New Member

    Is there a timer on the fan as a constant live has to go to the fan apart from the light switch.
    there is a fan switch that is triple pole for bathroom fans.
    Trip the MCB for the light in the bathroom in the consumer unit.
    Ok no lights in the bath room, a touch to help/to make you safe.

    Are you going to have the fan cable up throw the cealling and have a fuse fcu in the cealling space or have a fused fcu up by the fan.
    Remember all fans and fcu should be well away from any part in the bathroom that has water.
  4. gherae

    gherae New Member

    There is no timer on the fan.
    I will be taking the cable up into the ceiling space.

    Can the FCU be inside the bathroom (high level, next to fan) or must it be outside alongside (or part of) the isolator?

    Can the cable to the fan be left exposed or must it be buried in the wall or conduit?
  5. Kai

    Kai New Member

    Put the FCU just outside the bathroom door at high level, labelled FAN CONTROL SWITCH.
  6. motor head

    motor head New Member

    the bathroom has zones in the on site guide page 30 fig 4d supplementary bonding in the bathroom.zone two and three have areas.The top of zone two and three is 3.0 meters from the bottom of the floor the bath is on.

    And the out side eage of the bath is the eage you measure the 0.6 meters to the out side eage of zones two and three.
    The fan has to be out side these areas so as to comply with the on site guild.Your fcu can be as high as possible out side this area.If you can put the cable in the wall with capping over it. or us plastic conduct to run the cable in it.
    Put the fcu out side the bathroom above the door or beside the door.
  7. steve CF

    steve CF New Member

    why cant it go in zone3 along side the fan

    after all a standard wall mounted 230 v switch is allowed in zone 3
  8. salem2000

    salem2000 New Member

    "quote" why cant it go in zone3 along side the fan"

    I don't see any reason why it can't be in Zone 3, my Washing Machine is in Zone 3 in our shower/utillity room, which has to conform to the same regs as in bathrooms.

  9. motor head

    motor head New Member

    yes i put sockets in zone 3 as you say you have the sink and washing machine close together to reach and touch them both,But the diy,ers on this forum do not have the bible on installing and no the right heights to put things in the bathroom and zones.As you no in scotland it is deferent to england in putting in sockets as to heights.the on site guild and IEE wiring regulations sixteenth edition i have them beside me now and it is important to get things right espeshaly in bathrooms with water and steam (splashing/showers kids)to low a fcu or fan in bathroom wet hands towels not good,I only put the information out of the on site guild to make it safe for the diy,ers as it is them that are putting the electrical appliances in and not us electricians sorry for this going on so long but if every one went by the regs it would be alot safer for us going along to fix there mishaps
  10. salem2000

    salem2000 New Member

    Motor Head,

    Sorry you've lost me. what are you trying to say in your last post.

  11. plumface

    plumface New Member

    Surely if you complied with the regs,there would be no mishaps!
  12. salem2000

    salem2000 New Member

    I agree totaly.

    With electricity you only get one chance, in some cases not even that.
  13. 2be2

    2be2 New Member

    Mmm, but has the OP got his answers yet?
    I'd have thought that if you want a switch inside the bathroom then a pull switch would be OK for accessibility, safety and would avoid surface wiring. It would need to douple-pole to isolate a non-timer/humidistat fan. I believe standard 5amp pullcord switches tend to be single-pole so would handle the current but not isolate the fan. MK do a 15amp DP pullcord switch available at http://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/MK3151.html If you want a fuse (it has been suggested that this is not required on the lighting circuit) then an unswitched fused connection unit could be positioned near the ceiling outside the bathroom to keep the exposed cabling/channelling to a minimum.
    I think it is OK to surface-wire down to the fan and fcu in plastic trunking.
    I stand to be corrected on all the above as ever.

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  14. motor head

    motor head New Member

    Nice to be on again.

    I agree with all suggestions(but you only get one chance with electric better to be safe than in a pine box)
  15. ban-all-sheds

    ban-all-sheds New Member

    Whatever you do, do not read or try to understand MH's posts - he is a burbling, rambling idiot, and his drivel will drive you mad...
  16. motor head

    motor head New Member

    Thanks for that info about being mad and righting drivel ,If it was your family or friends would you not try to do all the electrics in the bathroom right,May be you are the type or person to not bother about anyone in a house or dwelling and just get on with the electrics and when someone is killed with your wireing then you have to go to the funeral of them.
  17. 2be2

    2be2 New Member

    I just noticed that my earlier reply on this thread was edited. What on earth could I have said to attract the attention of the moderator?

    As for MH. I think he may make valid points on occasion. Trouble is I can rarely work out what the f* he is talking about.

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