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    Sorry if this isn't the correct place.

    But we recently had a new kitchen fitted, one of the things that were changed was how the extractor vents. The old vented outside and the new has a filter and recirculates.

    We are happy with that as the ducting would be an eyesore in the kitchen and wouldn't be covered due to the design. However, we are unsure what to do with the outside vent now. From the inside, the old hole has been covered with a new sheet of plasterboard. But the outside still has the vent and a bit of ducting that now just meets the new bit of plasterboard.

    My plan was to take off the old outside vent and remove the remaining ducting then fill it with expanding foam and replace the vent with a new one. That way a hole is always there for new owners or future changes.

    Would you suggest anything else?

    Also, the new plug is some distance from the hood therefore the wire is visible. This is what I've done to make it neater and hide it as much as possible but is there anything else I can do apart from chasing it in the wall?

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    well i'd use square trunking and run it straight, not at angle as you've done - will look much neater.

    In terms of the vent, yes you can use bit of foam, and get a vent blanking cover instead

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