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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Maurice Gogg, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Maurice Gogg

    Maurice Gogg New Member

    I have been embarrassed yet again.

    I came home this afternoon after a particularly gruelling day to find Mrs gogg was not at home. I couldn't wait to get my trousers off as they were chaffing, so I put the two chocolate eclairs that I'd treated us to, down on the kitchen chair as the table was somewhat cluttered. I pulled down my trousers and underpants to examine the chafed area and lost my balance, fell backwards onto the chocolate eclairs.

    At that precise moment, Mrs gogg, her mother and Mrs Patel from down the street walked into the kitchen.

    Apart from a couple of coughs, the silence was deafening.
    Mrs gogg and her two companions immediately left the house and I've tried telephoning her to explain the absurdity of the situation but I fear she has turned her phone off.

    Has anyone else suffered an indignity such as this?
  2. Ú¶

    Ú¶ New Member

    Much worse, I got caught having a Barclays outside Lloyds one Friday lunchtime.
  3. Removed 4

    Removed 4 New Member

    Moritz dear, if I were your long-suffering wife (And it's a bloody great IF) I think that I would be rather turned-on by the sight of a pair of squashed eclairs...


    Lucia x

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  4. The Trician

    The Trician New Member

    Maurice, to be brutally frank, I think that you are delusional, and are seeking public attention.

    A bit like Gordon Brown, but thankfully, you aren't being paid via the Public purse......

  5. Macbeth

    Macbeth New Member

    Ooh, a bit of satire...
  6. The Trician

    The Trician New Member

    Ooh, I am surprised that you might actually be aware of the definition........
  7. Ú¶

    Ú¶ New Member

    Ooh, can I watch?
  8. Macbeth

    Macbeth New Member

    Could your stomach take it?
  9. Ú¶

    Ú¶ New Member

    Oooh, if it has too.
  10. Ú¶

    Ú¶ New Member

    Ooooh, a fur cup.
  11. Maurice Gogg

    Maurice Gogg New Member

    Gordon Brown is being paid by the public purse to sit on chocolate eclairs? These MPs disgust me.

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