Factory Restore of Vista PC

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Devil's Advocate, May 31, 2017.

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    You can just delete the partitions and then click next - windows setup will the create all the needed partitions and format them, saves doing it manually. If you doing the partitions manually I always create one for the system (c:) and a second one for documents (d:) that way if the windows install gets messed up you don't have to back up all the docs, just format the c: drive during the reinstall and job done.
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  2. Devil's Advocate

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    First things first - I now have a clean Win 7 pooter - YAAAAAEEEEEEEY!

    Oh, and yes, there was this cove walking along the cycle path on to the Bridge (quite a well-known jumping spot...) and there was chust summat in his demeanour - eyes cast down, slopped shoulders, walking a bit like a zombie - and the fact that he was walking on the white line that separated the path from the busy road and not safely in t'middle of t'path that got me worried as I drove past.

    So I did a U-ey at the roundabout at t'end of t'bridge to double-check, and as I passed him again he had stopped on the path and was bent double - looked like he was sobbing. Pulled out my Alcatel phone - with 1" screen - and dialled 999 and did a further U-ey at t'other end as I talked to the cops. By then I was back over the bridge and the cove was being comforted by two women as he leant on the handrail - having moved right on to the bridge itself.

    I pulled over and basically let the two ladies get on with it as they were doing a great job of letting the guy pour it all out - but ready to grab him if he tried anything. Cops turned up a couple of minutes later.

    One of these things that could easily have wrecked your life as well as his and his family's - you drive by and wonder if you sensed things correctly. But, if in the time it had taken me to drive over the bridge twice - a minute or so - he had jumped, well, I don't think I'd be worrying about installing Win7.

    And that's the thing that takes the wind out of your sail - he could easily have jumped in that time as I procrastinated. At what stage do you decide that you should slam on the anchors on a busy bridge and sod everybody else - on the off-chance? I had half-told myself he was a jogger (lots of these loons cross the bridge) and was chust knackered.


    A young man jumped from that bridge earlier in the year - a wonderful and well-known guy who taught cricket to school kids, and was admired and loved by all. He had apparently been involved in a car accident where someone else had been hurt (possibly killed) and he felt guilt even tho' he was not at all to blame. Absolutely devastated the community and all who knew him. It's those who are left behind who will suffer for the rest of their lives.

    Here's the thing - his family and close friends knew he had taken the accident badly and were helping him through it, but in the immediate couple of weeks leading up to his tragic suicide, he was calm and 'back to normal'. I've been told that this is common behaviour - once someone has taken that decision, they are then calm as they know their pain will end.

    That part really shocked me, and will hopefully serve as a warning to others on what to look out for.
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    You're right. There's no such thing as a painless suicide - it's just everyone else that feels the pain.

    Proud of you DA. Whoever saves a life, saves the world entire.
    I hope the chap comes to realize that this too shall pass[1].

    [1] I'm not sure why I've started quoting Jewish scripture and folklore today (checks pants - yup, still there). Yasher koach!
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    Nice one DA. You did a good job there.

    On a humorous side to the story, maybe the guy had read your attempts at burning an ISO and installing Win 7 and just could not go on any more with life?

    Anyway, nice one DA.........
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  5. Devil's Advocate

    Devil's Advocate Well-Known Member

    Thank you, gents - although my actual contribution turned out to be nigh-on zilch; the two ladies were impressive (and didn't procrastinate...)

    Now that you mention it, Kools, one of the women did turn to me and ask what he meant by "F£s, use the 'advanced' options you complete dodo..."
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    It's alright. I'm home safely now!
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  7. Devil's Advocate

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    Pleased to hear - I was almost worried :rolleyes:.

    (Thanks for your help :) )
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    Probably not "permanently" as in "never recoverable" - if you just want to clear everything off and start over then its probably good enough but if selling the machine or worried about personal info there are utilities that will overwrite / erase the disc so that the data cant be recovered.

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