Failed concrete gutters, cavity filled with insulation damp bridging

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    Complete and utter garbage :mad: The only properties you are likely to get a similar report from will have Finlock and cavity wall insulation. Most properties built in the 1950's/1960's did not have these combined issues at all.

    It looks to me OP that you made your mind up before you posted this thread, probably posting in the hope you would get a positive thumbs up from other members on here. As you now know, not one member that has replied thinks that this purchase is a good idea and they have given reasons for those views.

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can't force it to drink.
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  2. Mrgreen1234

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    The above is probably true. However can someone detail the list of costs of said "money-pit". And what these costs would be spent on?

    The list so far:
    Skip= £10,000 ........
  3. kitfit1

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    I can't give you a detailed lists of costs, what i can give you is a breakdown of the costs for 2 semi's (attached) and the reason they can become a money pit.

    In 1982 my father and i looked into buying 2 ex council semi's in Bedfordshire, they obviously had shared finlock guttering. Both properties had been empty for about 18 months.
    We both did a very detailed inspection inside and out, using a cherry picker to look at both the guttering and the roof itself.
    Like a lot of houses of the period, it had a suspended floor on the ground floor as well as the first floor. On taking the ground floor floorboards up the obvious thing that hit us was ALL the joists that sat on an outside wall were sodden within a few feet from the wall and rot was well established, we found the same thing on the first floor. Going into the loft we found the same with the roof structure. ALL the plaster on ALL the external walls was covered in mould.

    Complete re-roof 2 houses £12,000
    Replace all ground floor joists and first floor joists £4,000
    Scaffolding for the duration of the job £2,000
    Completely remove the guttering (not just cut off, as the roof had to be replaced anyway) £800
    We never bothered getting a price for re-plastering.

    We bought the houses at a very reduced price, knocked them down and sold the site with planning permission for 2 3bed detached houses.

    The moneypit side of this is, niether you or your surveyor likely know if this house has any of the problems i listed above. I can easily see a complete new roof for one semi costing £50,000 on it's own nowdays. Replacing all the ground floor and first floor joists in a house nowdays is anyone's guess.
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  4. KIAB

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    You will find felt will disintergrate when handle, or has rotted away or with age.

    When I helped mate with one he also replaced roof,rigid insulation added & took oppertunity to remove all of the finlock gutter,as you know it also forms the wallplate & was replaced with two rows of engineering brick,rooms had to be plastered.
    Funny thing never had any problems with rotten floor joists,caught the gutter issues soon enough,but bedrooms had a lot of mould at ceiling height.
  5. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Well-Known Member

    I think the pair of semi's we looked at had had ongoing gutter issues for years and years KIAB, that the council never addressed. That was almost certainly why they were selling the pair. At the time it wasn't the only pair of houses they were selling on the same estate. I was last there in 1995 ish, all of the Finlock semi's had been demolished by then.
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    Cold bridging/ failure of blown (I assume) insulation and corrosion of wall ties may be the first of many issues with the property.
    Floor joists are likely end bearing into the inner leaf and may have started to rot, with damp penetration having run down the inner face of the cavity.
    Cold bridging would have allowed moisture to build up in the internal blockwork leaf, plaster could de bond as the property is dried out, rafters may have started to rot at end bearing locations.
    Assume the lintels are pre cast concrete and may have become damp.
    Thermal movement will prolong decoration works as the building dries out post removal of insulation.
    As others have already speculated, post removal of the cavity insulation, the building will have to dry out thoroughly before any remedial work, just to avoid damage due to drying shrinkage.
  7. Mrgreen1234

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    I really apreciate your time and your concise replies.

    The surveyour had a look in the roof and according to his report all looked fine. He did mention about the sarking felt stopping short of the gutter. The ground floor is a concrete slab and all the internal walls including the first floor are block.

    We have a viewing next Sunday, where I've arranged many trades to come and assess the property.

    We're 75% walk 25% silly offer
  8. kitfit1

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    WALK WALK WALK. It's been like that since the house was built. I and other members here have no idea how old you are, but if you are youngish and this is your first or second house...........................................would you be happy to be mortgaged to hilt for the next 25 years to a house that is only going to suck everything you earn in that time, including your pension when you get it ?
  9. Mrgreen1234

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    OK I think we'll walk
  10. Mike83

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    No harm in having another look.
    If the other trades do flag up any issues though then it may be time to walk.
    Even with professionals they may miss something especially if the house is furnished.
    Remember sellers will do anything to hide any issues when the house is on the market.

    Do don’t want to be throwing 5k,10k, 3k,10k at various jobs as you don’t know when it will end.
    You could end up living in a building site or even worse with family or friends as your dream goes down the pan.
  11. Mrgreen1234

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    The house is empty, the previous occupant is dead (probably due to mould inhalation)
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  12. Mike83

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    My dad was buying a property that had a home report done. Nothing major wrong with it. Had all been freshly decorated.
    2 weeks before completion another home report was done. Not sure why, maybe it expired.
    Anyway major damp was found with another issue that I can’t remember.
    The estimate to repair was 16k.
    He pulled out on advice from others.

    If it’s a 500k house with 50k needing spent that’s one thing.
    But if it’s a 150k house needing 50k spent that’s crazy.

    Buying a home should make you happy.
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  13. kitfit1

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    So, be honest, have you seen any mould in the house ?
  14. KIAB

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    And the concrete slab could have the red ash floor issue (sulphate damage),(more common in mining areas,don't know your area) causes floors to crack & lift,etc.
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    Ground floor living room front/party wall _20190210_185504.JPG

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  16. KIAB

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    More than conensation.
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  17. kitfit1

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    Tells you pretty much all you need to know going by what you have already been told.
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  18. Astramax

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    100% agree condensation, lack of ventilation.
  19. Astramax

    Astramax Well-Known Member

    Have you got a bad cold KIAB......conensation! :D
  20. goldenboy

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    No point in being flippant about it mate.

    People on here are giving up their valuable time to help stop you making what could be a crippling financial mistake.

    Genuinely do what you want.
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