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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Anteater99, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. Anteater99

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    Hello, my bedroom is very cold so I'm thinking of putting up another layer of plaster board screwed into existing ceiling with a sandwich of something in between to insulate. I've also read this May cause damp. Confused! What's the professionals opinion? Insulate or not? If yes, what with? ,I don't want mould!
  2. Devil's Advocate

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    Hi Ant.

    What's currently above your ceiling? Is there any way to add insulation from above which would be easier?

    And why do you think it's the ceiling that's causing the coldness? How many external walls are there? What's on the floor? Is it draughty? What size rad and how hot does it get?

    Anyways, to answer your question, the simplest way to do what you suggest is to use Thermal Laminate Board which is plasterboard with a layer of insulation already bonded to it. The thinnest is around 35mm overall, with a 9.5mm p'board and 25mm polyurethane insulation. As long as you know where your ceiling joists and noggins are, it should be as 'easy' as screwing it up there and taping & filling over the joins. A similar approach to any external wall should also make a huge difference.

    Adding insulation shouldn't in itself cause damp, tho' it might mean that other surfaces are now relatively colder so will be where any moisture ultimately condenses out - say during the night when the heating is off.

    To prevent damp you usually need two things - heat and (more importantly) ventilation.
  3. Anteater99

    Anteater99 New Member

    Thanks for your prompt reply. It's a bungalow so immediately above is part of the attic which isn't accessible. The main attic is insulated. The ceiling is in bad shape following a leaking roof so has to be plaster boarded and skimmed according to the chap doing the renovation.

    I have plans to replace the radiator with a double convector. It's a large north facing room, high ceiling, with two outside walls with floorboards. And it's freezing!
  4. DIYDave.

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    Those outside walls, are they solid, cavity or insulated in any way?

    Also the floorboards, are they exposed with gaps between the planks

    Was just thinking, if it's that freezing, while your having a new ceiling put in, would also benefit from improving thermal efficiency of other areas (always nice to spend other peoples money as well) :)
  5. Anteater99

    Anteater99 New Member

    Cavity which has been insulated. Floorboards don't have gaps - is it called tongue and groove? They fit snug. I'll be getting underlay and carpet later on. The ceiling option was my next thought or move to Africa!!

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