Faulty bathroom pir

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by rjc*****, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. rjc*****

    rjc***** New Member

    Hi, I have a bathroom pir installed for about 8 months and has been working fine. Last month it began intermittently coming on repeadly .I adjusted all the settings for the lux/sensitivity and time which had no effect. I then covered the pir with a cloth then tape to see if really was picking up any movement or heat source .This did not stop it so I then just replaced the pir with a new one. Unfortunately the new one is doing exactly the same. I have tried to cover the new one up as well but it still comes on.
    Does anyone know of any other reason for the pir to keep switching on?
  2. Dam0n

    Dam0n Active Member

    sounds like a loose connection somewhere. When it loses power and then reconnects it powers up the lights. have a look in the junction box for anything obvious
  3. Mr A greig

    Mr A greig Member

    Squirrels? Birds? Super natural activity? Small green men? Dodgey units with little hysterisis? Loose connections tend not to rattle themselves.
    Has anything changed other than time of year?
  4. rjc*****

    rjc***** New Member

    Thanks for replies, don't believe it is a loose connection as when power is supplied to the pir it comes on for 1 sec then off to reset itself. It does not do this during the fault. Telling me the power was not interrupted.

    There have been no new additions to the bathroom to cause the triggerring. I don't believe it is the summer heat causing it either as I have tested it at night and early morning when it is cold.

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