Faulty Dewalt Mitre Saws !!

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by jj, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. Jurassic

    Jurassic New Member

    You can't go wrong with a Makita compound saw! Up to 600 quid new but you can get them second hand and I've had no problem with mine!
  2. jj

    jj New Member

  3. woodsmith

    woodsmith New Member

    jj I wouldn't be completely put off. The 712 is a good saw especially for the money. The Makita is very good but a lot more £££.

    I really like mine and also it is reasonably portable, like I said I could have my money back if I want.

    The Rexon will not be in the same league.

    Now you know some have this fault just find one that hasn't and if you don't like it use the DW 30 day return policy and get your money back.

  4. Markybob

    Markybob New Member

    I've checked my 712, there is no noticable deviation. I paid 360 for mine from crowley saws (via ebay!!), excellent bit of kit, especially on the dewalt stand (de7023), the stand is a quality bit of kit and makes all the difference.
  5. chappers

    chappers Member

    Checked mine the other day and there is a slight deviation but only about 0.5mm think I can live with that.
    Would have to say the 712 is the best mitre saw I have had.
    The makita is a brilliant saw when new I have now trashed two they both went the same way its the locking mechanism for the bed its rubbish I have now bolted mine locked at 90 degrees and use it in the workshop for cutting to length I use the 712 fro all other mitreing etc.

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