Faulty outdoor PIR light unit

Discussion in 'Screwfix Trade Counters' started by ConradB, Jun 10, 2020.

  1. ConradB

    ConradB New Member

    Bought the basic AR0506 LED PIR BULKHEAD bulkhead LED unit . I have a prior LED unit installed on the same line, but this one is different and not functioning.
    1. when you apply power, it does not come on for a few seconds to warm up as per the manual
    2. when you do the 3 second off-on-off-on , for an always-on security light mode, it does not go into the always on mode
    3. if I hold my hand completely over the sensor for a while, it turns on until you take your hand away -so my wiring is perfectly fine!
    4. if I hold a rag over the sensor for a minute (this is at 10pm in summer) it does not come on when I unblock the sensor

    I did not see anything in the packaging about a manufacturer guarantee, I am keen to just order another, since it's about 20 quid and all the reviews are positive.

    Am I being too charitable?
  2. quasar9

    quasar9 Active Member

    Best get a branded product with a guarantee. Our host do a few. Many no name ones from eBay are shoddily made with wide component tolerance and therefore may not work as it says on the box. Many are electrically dangerous too. See a You Tube channel from Big Dave who takes apart electronics from China.
  3. ConradB

    ConradB New Member

    It's this one, https://www.screwfix.com/p/lap-ar0506-led-pir-bulkhead-black-670lm-8w/6470v , which is why I am tempted to just get another. Other suppliers do exist, and are all dearer and (less preferred).

    I have only ever once had to get an item swapped before, but now is not a great time. It's dead cheap for what it does, the previous model I have installed is not in the catalog anymore, the original one's been up for almost 3 years working fine.
  4. quasar9

    quasar9 Active Member

    For now, get it swapped. Many on this forum have a few choice words on quality of LAP products although I never had any issues. You get what you pay for !
  5. rogerk101

    rogerk101 Screwfix Select

    Screwfix is not taking returns during this pandemic period, but they offering longer return times to accommodate customers. Just order a replacement and return the other one when they start taking returns again.
  6. ConradB

    ConradB New Member

    Thanks guys.
    Yeah the LAP stuff does not have brilliant build quality, however on my budget it's often the best choice.
    Will order another and wait it out. Hope to get into the queue when things do open up.
  7. Teki

    Teki Active Member

    Not all PIR lights have an override facility. So unless it mentions it in the manual, it may not.
  8. ConradB

    ConradB New Member

    Yep, this unit as linked above does support the 3 second intervals - off,on,off,on

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