Faulty Renault trafic

Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by Joao Pequeno, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. Joao Pequeno

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    Hi, I have a Renault tragic from 2003, diesel, and it has been funny sometimes. A few times now the engine shuts down whilst driving, and I can't really figure out in what situation but I have the feeling it happened when I was getting more speed but it's kind of unpredictable.. in my last long trip I tried to be more careful gaining speed and it didn't happen at all.. Then, when I restart the engine it works perfectly fine, I even restarted it whilst still moving once and just continued driving. so I wonder if someone can help me with this. Also some times the preheating warning light lights up but again when I restart the engine it goes of again.. not really sure if they can both be related but doesn't seem so. Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. Bob Rathbone

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    Change the fuel filter.
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  3. MGW

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    I had a Renault Kango and the engine management light would regularity light, I would book it in, and before the appointment it would go out, and it did not record why it had lit, I wanted a disabled person carrier, and second hand there were only three types to select from renault kango, fiat doblo, or transit connect, transit connect much more expensive and rather big, the fiat doblo was well under powered in petrol version, and so really no option, but Renault have never been good at electrics, the old Saviem had such a bad name they changed it to Renault, but it made not difference they have always had poor electrics.

    First came across them in 1980 with the Saviem think is was called the SG4 it was like a 4 wheel drive transit, and had a single phase alternator, this was common with French cars, they were claimed to be cheaper but cost twice the price of Lucas and if you fitted an over sized battery or faulty battery would burn them selves out.

    Even the advert for the Scenic showed the hand brake failing and it rolling down the sound of music hill.

    To be fair did have a problem with Landrover DPA pump, a poor connection would release the shut off valve, and the electro magnet could not over come the fuel pressure while the engine was turning, allow engine to stop and it would restart, but had to stop first. Even a blocked fuel cap can cause the problem, not so much today, but some tanks have a vent others vent through the fuel cap, fit wrong fuel cap and it causes a depression in the tank, and as said also fuel filter can cause it.

    I will just keep clear of Renault.
  4. Gavin Yarde

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    Think yourself luck, I have a two month old one with it's fourth fault !

    Renault UK are awful, no support of local dealer to speak of, have a video of the three outstanding is issues and nothing can be done unless it faults while at the garage .... extremely poor and will never by another, let alone suggest an enemy does

    Suggest you buy anything but !

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