Featherboard fence panel out of square - how to rectify and fit?

Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by SteveMJ, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Sean_ork

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    but it's raining ......
  2. SteveMJ

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    I like that approach - when it gets a bit less wet I think I'll be out there trying that.

    Thank you, Steve
  3. SteveMJ

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    This fence is at the back of out garden that back's onto a farmer's field. One side of the fence is a hedge, the other, field, has a very uneven surface. I would be unsecure standing on a step ladder swinging a sledge hammer. Also I think the springyness of the fence post would absorb the hammer blows rather than move the boards.

    Cheers for the late night thoughts. Steve
  4. Phil the Paver

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    Having fitted miles, yes miles of this type of fencing, I can tell you that if it was constructed out off square by more than 10°, you will never bring it square by force, each of the feather edge boards has 3 nails holding it on, in a 8' length there should be around 30 boards, so 90 nails, even if you did managed to force it in, the feather edge boards wouldn't be upright, or the rails wouldn't be level.

    If this isn't a problem, then removing 3 boards from each end will help you get the rails in and then bodge the boards back on.
  5. SteveMJ

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    Thank you Phil,

    I was thinking this morning that it may be better to re-fit the gravel board at the same angle that the panel is out of square. As I see it that way the fence will not be any worse than it was before it fell. I then saw the suggestions as to how to correct the panels.

    I have already removed one vertical board from the overlapping end and have trimmed the arris rail tenons flush at the other end and trimmed the overall arris lengths to fit between the posts[The original posts had mortises cut through them, but I am using arris rail brackets].

    Thank you all again, Steve
  6. SteveMJ

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  7. SteveMJ

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    As it stopped raining I fitted the panel this morning.

    I moved the gravel board off-level to suit the fitted bottom of the panel when it was fitted. I placed one side of the panel tight against one post and replaced a board on the other side to ensure there was no gap against that post.

    I moved the boards at the ends of the panel I fitted previously to be tight against the posts too.

    I looked at a number of the other panels of the fence; they are far from square and have a number of gaps between the boards and the posts - looks like I may be adjusting them too later on!

    It looks fine, so thank you all again for the advice.

    Last full panel will be done tomorrow, with the help of my son (its a fiddle manipulating the panels on my own) and hopefully the end of the fence that is swinging around. I need to cut down a small beech tree that has crept up and is probably th eonly thing holding that last panel up.

    Good weekends everyone.


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