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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by 3Lions, Nov 10, 2018.

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    Been reading some conflicting information regards tiling on painted walls, so advice please.

    I'm looking to tile a small feature wall in a lounge (so not subject to moisture - approx 2.3m x 1m) using porcelain tiles, 150mm x 900mm x 9mm tiles with a rapid set flexi adhesive. The wall is plasterboard previously skimmed and painted. The paint is in good nick, no flaking, and other than a couple of very small areas survived a duct tape test and I've also used a sander.

    The conflicting bits I've read is whether to next scratch/score the area and also if a primer also needs to be used over the area (I've got SBR Bond if needed). Weight of tiles & addy is approx. 20kg per sqm.

    Last question, should I back-butter the tiles?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. sospan

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    The main concerns with tiling on plasterboard are if the plasterboard is strong enough (tiles not to big, enough screws etc.) and getting the tiles to grip onto the surface.

    The weight guidelines for tiled plasterboard is around 30 kgs per square metre which you are clearly within. I would however try and find some studs and put some extra screws in as you never know how thrifty the builders may have been.

    It isn't going to harm to rough up the surface before tiling but you shouldn't need the SBR.

    One of the problems with tiling is too much adhesive causing an uneven surface as people fear that the tiles will fall off because there isn't enough adhesive to hold them in place. The best method is often the simplest - apply the adhesive with a notched trowel and simply push the tiles into the adhesive gently. Use the spacers as a guide to not only the spacing but the depth as well. The groves left by the trowel allow the adhesive to spread as you level the tiles - too much adhesive and it will ooze between the tiles and be difficult to level. Hence, for standard wall tiles it is better to not batter the back.
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  3. 3Lions

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    OK, thanks for that sospan, sound and good advice particularly the extra screws in studs, will certainly do that. I've got a 6mm
    notched trowel I'm planning on using so hopefully appropriate for addy depth.

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