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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Wayne K, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. Wayne K

    Wayne K New Member

    I thought about getting a scraper attachment for mine, then was not sure to get the flexi or rigid, but it started me thinking & I am interested to see what usess you guys have for Feins that I may have not thought of.
    I only occaisionally get mine out of the van, mainly just for cuts in awkward places, I have never had a sanding attachment fixed to it or anything other than a e-cut blade, so what clever little tricks do you have for the various cutters that makes it worthwhile getting out of the van, or changing the cutter.
  2. Mr Mike

    Mr Mike New Member

    Mine's mostly used for those small awkward in situ cuts & notches too with the bi-metal blades, but mainly gets used for window refurb's (the sander pads that is). Great for getting right into the corner's of rebates, etc.

    Never had much joy with the scraper blades. Have only used them once to remove cured parquet floor adhesive from the floor's surface.....whatever angle and speed I used, the scraper blade just wanted to 'dig' into the floor.

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