Felt required over sarking boards in roof?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by ChrisZeroG, Sep 20, 2021.


Felt, breather or both?

  1. Felt only

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  2. Breather membrane only

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  3. Felt and breather

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  1. ChrisZeroG

    ChrisZeroG New Member

    Hi, I'm needing to do some repairs on my roof, which is built up with 1"x8" sarking boards over the rafters (I'm in Scotland) and then battens onto that to hold the concrete roof tiles. There's some very old and worn felt between some of the battens and boards, but not everywhere, and the ridge tiles are sealed in with mortar (i.e. not "vented").

    Without a vented ridge, am I better just putting a breather membrane between the boards and battens or should I use felt instead of/as well as the breather and perhaps sacrifice some breathability? Conscious of allowing the moist air a way out, but appreciate the felt offers a waterproof back up in case of tile damage.


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