Fence posts. Put nails in the bottom of fence post?

Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by terry44, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. terry44

    terry44 New Member

    Hello everyone

    Is it a good idea to hammer a few nails into the bottom third of a fence
    post before placing it into the ground, and then pouring concrete into
    the hole in the ground?

    I was asking, as I was wondering if using nails will make the wood more
    liable to rot, as water could find it easier to penetrate inside the wood
    and quicken the rotting process. Would like to hear peoples thoughts on this,
    on whether or not to use nails in the bottom of a fence post (to stop vandals from pulling the fence post down).

  2. BuilderMCR

    BuilderMCR Active Member

    How do you expect the nails to help with that problem?
  3. Devil's Advocate

    Devil's Advocate Well-Known Member

    Surely once set in concrete, no-one is going to be able to pull out the posts?

    I understand your thinking, but I doubt it's necessary. As to whether it'll help hasten rotting, I doubt it'll make a huge difference - 3" posts will be on their way out in 10 years regardless.

    (Unless you soak the bottom 'ground' section in creosote or similar, for a goodly while. Or even old engine oil and petrol - stand well back. But the posts would have to be dry before doing either of these things...)
  4. Waste of time putting nails in the fence post.
    Your better of putting nails in a length of 4x2, then wrap it round the vandals head. ;)
  5. Phil the Paver

    Phil the Paver Screwfix Select

    If you set the post into the ground at the correct depth for a fence post, 600mm, nobody is going to pull that out, bearing in mind it has the fence attached to it.
  6. Devil's Advocate

    Devil's Advocate Well-Known Member

    ...and a mains cable attached to that.
  7. wiggy

    wiggy Well-Known Member

    I just took out a load today with nails in the bottoms, pointless.
    4 and 5 inch rounds for a spiral staircase, only been in the ground 6/7 years

    Posts in the ground tend to start to rot at the point where the post enters the concrete and then works down in to the concrete.

    As da says, soak the lower third in creosote or once they are set, stick some bitchumen around the base of the posts, or even build up cement collars around the bases of the posts sloping away, don't use 3 inch they won't last 2 years let alone ten.

    As much as i don't like using concrete posts because of their weight and their look, they are worth considering if you plan on staying in your house a while,
    although I wouldn't bother, purely on looks

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