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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by davedave, Apr 8, 2006.

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    Can someone tell me the regulations concerning new windows/doors. I wish to install a new set of french doors & a window in an old utility room. i have got them both at a v.cheap price & intend to fit them myself to save £100's, both are compliant with current regs. I have been told that they need to be inspected prior & after installation, is this true? I have already fitted two doors & another window previously, will this affect the sale of my house if they have not been inspected or installed by a fensa contractor? thanks.
  2. SDSMax

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    if you're fitting the windows yourself they will need to be inspected by your local council after installation, you will be charged a fee for this, they will issue a cetificate which you will have to produce when you come to sell you house.
  3. sherlock

    sherlock New Member

  4. cheltonian

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    Windows have to comply with many building regs, not just Doc L. Your local building control should be able to issue you with guidelines and inspect and pass your installation. They will retro check your previous work, but my loacl BCO is not happy as they need to check the original windows
  5. building control

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    The new part F ventilation regs came in on thursday the 6th, mostly they ask for 1/20th of the floor area opening ventilation, unless the window only opens less than 30 degrees, then you need 1/10th,

    you need background vents escape windows (dependant on position), and safety glass, as well as low "E".

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