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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Offshore, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. Offshore

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    My Ferroli F30 boiler has been playing up for some months now. It is approx 7 years old and has been fine up until about six months ago. The first problem was scalding (i.e. unregulated temperature) hot water that was almost unusable. We have a service contract with Scottish Gas and they replaced the main PCB.Shortly after this, we would regularly run the hot water only for it to run cold and the boiler would go into 'lock out', this required the boiler on/off switch to be reset. This problem is still persisting and now affects the radiators as well. Various components have been replaced: fan, fan speed sensor, water flow sensor, rad flow sensor. The most recent engineer repositioned the igniter electrode as he suspected it had warped slightly and was not at the correct distance to provide the optimum spark to light the burner.
    Does anyone have any suggestions thay may not have been tried yet? It's working just now but, understandably, I'm not holding out much hope to be honest.

  2. tom.plum

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    when I first moved in the house where I live now, I had a ferroli and it had the same problem, always locking out, not on a regular basis, ( which makes it harder to diagnose) it could happen anytime, most annoying was when you were in the shower, anyrode dispite swaping several parts I never cured it, So I fitted a baxi 105 in its place and never looked back,
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    Probably the worst boiler ever made. Consider a replacement as soon as you can.
  4. Offshore

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    Thanks for the replies. Doesn't sound encouraging though.:(
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    I live round your area.  I could hang a SABRE 29HE for you.  Labour and parts all in for £1500.
    Any day next week or the week afta I'm free.
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    Palava, the poor chap has nowhere for you to tie your horse up.
  7. palavaman

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    keep your voice down JJ;)
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  9. tom.plum

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    I don't think he looked at that yesterday but I think they have tried everything over the last few months. He told me yesterday that the electrode gap should be the thickness of a pound coin. He said the electrode had deformed in the heat and needed repositioning to achieve this 'pound gap'. Sounds like a design fault to me given that the electrode spends most of its working life in a heat source. Sound reasonable?? I'm confident they know what they are doing but there has been a few false dawns so far. Everything they have done sounds like a plausible repair at the time but, so far, nothing has worked for any length of time. Maybe this time it'll be ok. Thanks for the offer of the installation, £1500 sounds like a decent price, but I'm trying to avoid a new boiler if I can.
  11. diymostthings

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    Hi offshore - nothing I have read in this thread leads me to believe that "...they know what they are doing...". They seem to have swapped out many items and not cured the problem or at least converted one problem into another. Foor the first fault it does sound like the overheat sensor on the DHW flow had locked on. The cold resistance needs to be checked on these sensors and compared to the manufacturers spec. but by rpelacing the "water flow sensor" this may have cured that. Correct operation of the fan can be easily checked without swapping it and this clearly was not the problem. The current "lock-out" problem could be a number of things but easily tracked down by a competant Pro or DIYer. The "fault finding chart" in the instructions can give a clue.

  12. palavaman

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    thomas, i bought this boiler in december of last year (and btw me and the customer, he agreed for the refit prior to april, so i fink we can get away wiv band b).
    if the customer is still interested, I'll drop my price (supply & fit) to £999.

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