Fibreglass crack leak?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by John Nicholson, Mar 25, 2020.

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    For the past 2 months there has been water leaking into the corner of my front bay window through a bracket installed for blinds, the bay window is covered by a pre-made fibre glass flat roof. The slow dripping gets worse when it rains then slows down and eventually stops about 2 days after it stops raining.

    I have had 2 roofers look at the roof and only one mentioned the crack but didn’t seem to think it was the source of the leak. They have suggested the flashing but that has been sealed but the roof is still leaking.

    QUESTION: Do you think the crack shown is large/major enough for water to penetrate the fibre glass and drip down into my bay window?

    I poured around 3 litres of water onto the crack today to see if I could get it to leak but so far nothing. But I’m not sure how much water it may need. The roof was installed factory made I believe by Barratts in 2016. There is no pooling and water runs off it fine.

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    It would be worth dismantling the blinds bracket to see whether maybe the screws were long enough to perforate something like a waterproofing barrier.
    I would also look carefully at whether it is rain leaking in from outside or condensation accumulating from inside. The timing you describe above sounds like it's rain, but have you ruled out condensation?
    I would also try smearing some transparent silicone into the cracks you're seeing. You've got nothing to lose other than the £3 you'll spend on a decent silicone. It won't be visible from anywhere. If it seals the leak and cures the problem, well and good. If not, you could eventually refinish the roof (or that part of the roof) with more fibreglass.
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    Check out the multitude of bay window threads, then get in touch with NHBC

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