Fibreglass Maul Hafts

Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by catterbutts, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. catterbutts

    catterbutts New Member

    Does anyone know whether these newfangled fibreglass hafts can be re-fitted?


    It appears that they are originally fixed with epoxy/Araldite which has become brittle.

    Lucky Her Indoors wasn't standing in her usual catching position ;)
  2. Probably better off with a wooden one if your going to replace it does the eye go all the way through the head of the maul?
  3. catterbutts

    catterbutts New Member

    Yes, appears to be a conventional head - though the end was sealed with some sort of black 'plastic' poured into the eye.

    There are indents in the end of the haft and it looks as though they match with indents in the side of eye (though these are full of epoxy at present). I assume the idea would be that the epoxy would work into both and, when set, form a 'key' to hold the haft in place.

    Have to admit that, while it lasted (2-3 years), in use it was very comfortable. The haft seemed to absorb impact better than wood?
  4. Well in theory you can replace it with whatever you want, but id say it would be easier to find a wooden one and easier to fit a wooden one aswell

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