Fill cracks in plaster cornice?

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by MEAB, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. MEAB

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    Need to fill a few cracks and chipped areas of some plaster cornice, have stripped the old paint of so just wondering whats best to use to do this? Would wood filler work?
    Also would i need any primer prior to a fresh coat?
  2. Wayners

    Wayners Well-Known Member

    Thin some sealer of some kind.. Pva will do. Got some wood glue you can use? toupret powder filler is the best stuff but you can use polyfilla... Rake out joint a little. Seal joint with thinned Pva and let it dry. Mix filler up really think like moulding clay or blue tac with your hands..use fingers and tools like screwdriver or knife to shape and fill. I often use fingers and dip in water to smooth off and shape surface. It's important to mix filler really, really really thick so you can mould it. To mix powder... I drip a few drops of water on plastic and add the powder. You only need a tiny amount of water or filler will be wasted.
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  3. goldenboy

    goldenboy Well-Known Member

    As a carpenter my first thought is always to go for a two pack filler.

    Goes off super quick and grips the surrounding material great.
  4. Jitender

    Jitender Well-Known Member

    I've used Toupret filler to reapir crack on cornice, and it easy to sand.

    Never tried this but may be easier to make a template out of a piece of steel so the pattern can be built up by sliding over the profile, depending on how much damage there is.
  5. Wayners

    Wayners Well-Known Member

    That's running coving. That's how some with no pattern was made. Run up in stages dragging along. I used to fit loads of period cornice but seems to gone out of fashion. The lightweight filler like red devil is a product used by some to fill. I would not 2 pack filler. I would use milliput white instead but putty like mixture from powder works great

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