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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by wagonwheel, May 16, 2020.

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    Hi. I am in the process of completely renovating a bungalow I purchased. On removing the carpet and underlay I discovered a tiled floor underneath in all rooms. Some of these rooms have missing tile areas (see attached) and now have broken edges where the carpet gripper has been removed.

    I have also been told that as the bungalow is a late 60’s build, the tiles most likely contain asbestos. Rather than remove them, I’m thinking it would be best to level the gaps in the tiled floor and then either carpet or put down laminate flooring.

    What is the the best material to just fill the gaps, so I can have some kind of level surface to aid carpet and laminate installation?

    Thank you

  2. HappyHacker

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    You may find these tiles and their adhesive formed the DPC for the concrete, they certainly used to do that until the early 60's. In my case (1950 bungalow) they are the DPC and where damaged/missing I have used a paint on DPC of some sort of black plastic and then levelling compound. I am sure there are better alternative solutions available

    I had the added problem of the plaster covering the DPC of the brickwork and the floor being laid after plastering so the plaster was in contact with the concrete floor below the DPC. Rotten skirting boards on the outside walls assisted by cavities that were full of rubbish as well!

    Good luck.

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