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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by WaterBoy75, Sep 14, 2018.

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    I have a mechanic pit in my garage which I don't plan of using and I want to cover the gap. I also have some soil I need to dispose of, so I figured I could kill two birds with one stone.

    I just wanted to check whether there were any considerations I need to take into account when doing this. I had planned to put a thin layer of concrete over the top of the pit when it was nearly full. I wasn't sure if I needed to compact the soil as I was putting it in etc?

    Many thanks,
  2. jonathanc

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    Put soil in and leave it for a few months to settle if not compacted then get a whacker plate or just drive over it.put Dpm down them concrete
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  3. WaterBoy75

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    Thanks. Will do.
  4. Pollowick

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    The soil will continue to compact and settle for a long, long time and teh concrete could crack.

    I would suggest uputting a 4x2 bearer down each side and then fitting some 6x3 (treated)planks across and screw them in place. You can still fill under that with soil but you will have a flat level surface.
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  5. sospan

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    advertise in a local paper that you have a hole, 6ft long, 3ft wide, 5ft deep that you want filling in. I am sure you will get a knock on the door late at night with someone holding a lumpy roll of carpet that they want to get rid of.;)
  6. WaterBoy75

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    In the long term the pit might form part of a garden or house foundations which is why I'm cautions about it compacting and not being stable.
  7. Isitreally

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    Will that be DAs permanent holiday. :D:D
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  8. KIAB

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    Filling & compacting the pit will have no affect on the house foundations or garden, it's just a blocked/brick lined hole in a garage floor.
  9. sospan

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    Have to make sure the concrete goes in on top - can't take any chances ;)
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  10. KIAB

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    Just to be sure.:)
  11. sospan

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    'chust' to be sure :D:D:D
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  13. Rulland

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    It's quite unusual to have a pit in a garage these days, I'd be tempted to leave it, it probably has planks to cover it at the moment any way, if not then fit some.
    It could be worth something to someone as a selling feature in the future.
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  14. KIAB

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    Rare feature in a garage today.
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    H&S nightmare were the words you were thinking of. :):)
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