Finishing oak veneer doors - what to use?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Mattcee, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Cecilb70

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    Polyurethane solvent based is a paint in the brush!
  2. dorset eddie

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    On the subject of why some people report using Danish Oil on veneered doors without incident... (me included)
    On being told recently by a supplier that I should DEFINITELY not use Danish oil on their veneered doors, I told them that I bought 7 of the same doors from them 8 years ago, and they still look great, no sign of the glues being compromised by the oil. So I asked a carpenter friend why he thought my doors were okay. He said, manufacturers have been steadily reducing the thickness of veneer on doors over the last few years. When I bought mine, he says the veneer may have been say 3mm thick, and as I'd applied the oil with a cloth, it wouldn't soak in enough to affect the glue. These days, he says, the veneer on many doors is only 1mm deep, and therefore it is now a lot more likely that Danish Oil will penetrate the veneer and reach the glues. OSMO oils have a low solvent content and will not penetrate deep enough to affect the veneer glue.
  3. HappyHacker

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    I have just installed two oak veneer doors, from what I could see the veneers were paper thin. The manufacturers instructions said don't use oil and various other things including water based stuff. I asked their technical support and they said I could use Osmo door oil. I asked Osmo if they did door oil with any tints and they said no and confirmed it was formulated differently to floor oil. So I stained the doors with a solvent stain and used Osmo door oil. They look OK. with no veneer lifting.

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