fire door hinge?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by house and home, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. house and home

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    got a bit of a problem with a fire door hinge at a regular customer of mines business premises, they have had a new carpet fitted and the bottom hinge (well its an old door support, a bit like a steel plate/box supporting the bottom corner of the door and located into a small hole on the floor so it can swing both ways!!!!!) thing is this metal section is catching the carpet and holding the fire door open, question is is there any adjustment on these things to lift it away from the carpet slightly?....p.s its a really old looking thing solid construction so plenty of years left in it think it was called a gilbertson? or something like that? cheers in advance
  2. alpineskier

    alpineskier New Member


    Ten lines with no sentences. How is anyone expected to understand this kind of junk communication ?

    Probably writes quotations inthe same format.
  3. house and home

    house and home New Member

    I dont write my quotations "inthe" same format!
    I usually put a space in between "in" and "the"

    Many thanks though for your response it has really helped!
  4. kris123

    kris123 New Member

    as far as im aware i dont beleive there is but hopefully someone will have a definate answer for you
  5. High-Voltage

    High-Voltage Member


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  6. house and home

    house and home New Member

    cheers H.V I managed to read your post before it got edited

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