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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by MJH, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. MJH

    MJH Member

    Does anyone know if it's possible to get a trade discount with these guys or know of a shop that sells Fired Earth seconds. Got a customer asking me. Thanks
  2. Ghost-1

    Ghost-1 Active Member

    I have spoken to fired earth and they told me that they don't do trade stuff em
  3. No they don't deal in any way, they don't need to.

    But they often sell poor quality natural products so it depends what your customer actually wants.

    Also they price per tile, so tell here to be wary as they do have products in there that are in excess of £1000 per sq/m (that's not a typo, that is one thousand).

    I take my hat off to them for manouvering themselves into a postion that the got themselves a name a must have for the snob set.

    Tell your customer to find what she likes, then try other shops or search the internet, she will usually save 80% on Fired Earth Prices.
  4. mj

    mj Guest

    High priced, low quality & alot of money on showroom design to dress it up. Pretentious staff who are so far up their own arses it's untrue. All credit must go to them for relieving the 'must have set' of their money so easily.
  5. bobthebuilder944

    bobthebuilder944 New Member

    you must have been in the same shop as me,i totally agree,and there tiles are ****.
  6. handyman.

    handyman. New Member

    i have a trade card for fired earth. 25% off paint. Thats all i ever get out of there. Will ask next time i'm in what you get off other stuff.

    Sooooooooo, you do get a trade card from them:)
  7. Ghost-1

    Ghost-1 Active Member

    They told me to naff off.

    Customer I'm working with at the moment has got her tiles from there £ they have got a bathroom that looks like a Victorian Public Lavvy.

    She is also having a Thunderbox installed........£3000.

    She has her head stuffed firmly up her jacksy
  8. ultrafastgem

    ultrafastgem New Member

    try these they do supply tiles to Fired Earth among others.
  9. Cookoid

    Cookoid New Member

    lol didnt see this thread yes the tiles are expensive but my missus loves the victorian bog look. We not snobs btw we shopped quite a while couldnt find anything we liked as much. Our bathroom was in leu of getting married so we saved a lot there! :)

    I think the £1000 sq meter stuff is the mini mosaics. Rpesumably you are not supposed to cover large areas with it!
  10. MJH

    MJH Member

  11. jasonb

    jasonb New Member

    I'm just about to order 7sq mts of mosaics at £324/m so yours are cheap by comparison.

  12. MJH

    MJH Member

    I don't think she realises how expensive the tiles will be. She needs 6m2 so the tiles alone will be £1200. Can't wait for her reaction
  13. jasonb

    jasonb New Member


    Just to update you I have now registered as trade with Fired Earth and got 15% of the mosaics I mentioned above, one fax on headed paper was all it took.

  14. MJH

    MJH Member

    Jason, how did you go about that. did you fax HQ?
  15. jasonb

    jasonb New Member

    Just sent a fax (on my headed paper with Guild of Master craftsman logo)to my local FE asking for a quote for 45No sheets inclusive of trade discount. Got a call back asking if I had a trade account, said no so the lady said she would sort it out, came back a couple of days to say that my free catalogue and trade pack was in the post and confirmed the quote with 15% discout, placed the order there and then.

  16. Fired Earth Sold out to the AGA group last year, maybe the change of Management has changed the philosiphy of the company.
  17. jasonb

    jasonb New Member

    Thought they were part of AGA for a lot longer than that?

  18. According to their last years accounts, AGA who used to have a shareholding, took a majority holding in the Company. It looks like the company was sold on paper.

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