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    Hello, I am changing my fireplace from a gas fire to electric stove fire. I'll include some pics but previously it was a wooden surround with a marble back and hearth. My plan is to keep the wooden surround and possibly plaster board inside the fireplace and add brick slips for a brick effect (only on inner, the rest will just be painted plain. My problem is that the inside of the fire place is quite crumbly and uneven. Are there any suggestions how I can acheive my result that are not going to cost the earth? (2nd pic is what I would like to acheive).

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    When the fireplace is built, the second photo shows how it looks, it’s called a builders opening.
    It’s then fitted with a two piece fire back and throat,

    Then infilled with rough brickwork.

    So you need to clear out all the debris and you will be left with a builders opening.
    You then need to fit a registered plate, it’s simply a board to close off the chimney opening.
    You may need to cap the pot on top, but may not be necessary

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    Thank you for the response Peter

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