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Discussion in 'Project Photos' started by Jitender, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. Jitender

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    This is an old picture of the origanl gas fire whcih housed the back boler behind.

    Gas fire and back boiler was removed and replaced with a combi a few years ago.

    So I've had this set up for a few years. i made the black infill myself, fitted and air vent and also a black single socket which could have powered and electric fire. Socket is hard too see.

    Won a gas stove a few weeks back and now in the middle of renovating the whole flat.

    Today I opened up the brickwork. A fireplace shop I visited said an opening of 36" square was OK. Won't be able to achieve this in width, as downstairs maisonette shares the chimney.

    Used a large disc cutter to cut the bricks down. The brick that have been removed are going to be reinsted tommorw as they were very loose.

    This is something I am trying to recreate. i like the idea of a a mantel to store ornaments on.


    Another idea I have is to install a single leaf lintel with a soldier row of bricks, which protrudes past the plaster.
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  2. sospan

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    So the plan is to fit a gas fire in the opening ? If so will it require a flue ?

    Have you taken the lintel out which is why the acro is in there ?

    The wooden mantel piece effect can be achieved by surface mounting some timber to the chimney breast. The last one I did I used mirror fixing brackets to the back of the timber and just hooked it on the wall.
  3. Jitender

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    I have just fitted the flue today, complete with the cowl.

    I will try and get some pictures uploaded this week.

    The council are re-roofing the maisonette, so I am making use of the scaffold :D

    This is what I bought off ebay, its a gas stove

  4. Jitender

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    Cleaned out the flue today as well, about a buckets worth of soot came down. Going to sort out the brickwork tomorrow, the accro is there as a temporary measure.
  5. Jitender

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    Thanks. I think I am looking at going the surface mounted timber beam, I will get this fixed to the wall then plaster upto it to create the look. i will be having the room skimmed eventually.

    The old lintel was removed, and there was a huge piece of concrete which created the chimney hood?

    This may take a while to get done, as there is loads of work here.

    Only did this now as I had access to the roof via the scaffolding.
  6. Jitender

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    Picture taken from scaffold heigh showing stack. The aluminum cowl is my chimney. The neighbors below dont have a fuel fire just an electric, they just have the terracotta gas cowl fitted.


    Close up picture of the chimney. A clear bead of silicon e has been run around the terracotta cowl, and gaps evident which letting in rain.

    My gas cowl needs re-bedding with mortar and in a bad shape :(
  7. Jitender

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    Some updated photos

    New 300mm terracotta clay chimney pot installed with stainless steel cowl.

    Close up view, pressure wahsed the whole area.


    New 5" liner routed down chimney pot. Had a friend pulling it through the other end.
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  8. KIAB

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    Bet you had some strange looks jet washing the crown/flaunching.:)
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  9. Jitender

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    I ended up re-pointing my own chimney stack, as roofers didn't do a good job on the other stack.

    Pressure washed it down in early morning so wouldn't be seen.:cool:
  10. enc

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    Looking good !
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  11. Jitender

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    Not much done, since.

    Have put in a lintel.

    Need to reinstate the bricks.

    will post some pictures at the wkd.
  12. Jitender

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    Concrete lintel with 100mm bearing on each side.


    Brickwork now complete. Don't know what happend :rolleyes:, tried to get the bonding right but messed up. Gong to be plastered so won't see.
  13. enc

    enc Active Member

    Get any further with this?
  14. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Nothings been done, flat has been empty now for a few months.

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