First DIY table installation - not very helpful manual

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by james4tr, Dec 14, 2019.

  1. james4tr

    james4tr New Member

    Hello, I'm trying to assemble my first ever DIY table. My knowledge regarding screws (or the lack thereof) is causing issues. I'd appreciate any help understanding the following mentions of screw sizes:

    1. Screw and washer (10/13 sheetmetal or 10/19 sheetmetal)
    2. Nut and bolts (L-12mm x 3/16 ")
    3. Screw and washer (L-10/13 sheetmetal)
    4. Nut and bolt and washer (L-12 x 3/16 ")

    What is the method to read these measurements? The installation manual seem to switch between imperial and metric systems which adds further to the confusion.

    Can someone please help? Cheers!
  2. Steve.D

    Steve.D New Member

    That is confusing!! 3/16 works out at just under 4.8mm so the screws are 12mm long by 4.8mm thick?? Is it a chinese import? Seems odd to mix imperial with metric.
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