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    I was wondering if someone could help me. I use screwfix forums all the time to help me in DIY and all sorts, but i haven't been able to find a substantive answer to my question.

    Myself and my partner recently purchased our first home together, and we chose not to pay the huge amount of money being requested to have the grass laid amd to go about the garden ourselves.

    Though of course this is a very expensive time.

    We recieved a single row of slabs by the back patio door, and in the first year of moving in we laid a square of patio to allow us to have a lounge set. We were unable to match the slabs and just got the cheapest we could find (very tight on budget).

    We have now decided to extend again, and the bloke who sold us the first set, we bought more of expecting the same colour. Myself and my partner work away from the house during the week and didnt realise of course the colour is not the same.

    I won't go into it, but they are now laid and we are in need of a solution to help us bring three slab colours into one.

    Of course masonary paint sandtex is what first comes to mind - though I am reading that a resin base is better. We recently used a Leyland garage paint on the garage floor, and as much as its great - it took days to dry and has a shine to it that we don't really picture in a garden?

    I would love just to be able buy a massive tub of masonary paint and go for it, but my gut is telling me there must be another way.

    We understand the yearly upkeep we would be bringing ourselves - but it is much better than mismatched patio.

    Any advise would be welcome, positive only please. Its been stressful enough!

    Hopefully the picture helps. Left is fresh laid, along the bottom, and then right.

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