First time spraying? (Wagner 590)

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  1. Hi,

    Ex professional decorator, so usually just brush and roller as can get it done quickly to a decent enough standard.

    I need to do my lounge (5 x 5.5m) which has quite detailed panelling all around the bottom 3rd. My Mrs bought me a Wagner 590 for Christmas which planned on just using for little stuff in a booth in the garage but.. I am under pressure to get the lounge done so thinking of using the Wagner. When I did panelling like this before, it took primer and 3 top coats of eggshell (should have done 2 primer, lesson learned on that) to get coverage. I 100% can not be *****ed to paint this 3 let alone 4 times by hand.

    Is it easy enough to do? Watched some youtube videos and seems just a case of keeping it moving and the right distance & level with the surface?

    The main thing putting me off is overspray, as the flooring is solid oak which I have already stripped and Osmo'd... getting dark blue on that won't be funny. Going up is ok as will be over spraying onto the wall above and doing the matt emulsion after. Does the paint travel and settle as dust?

    Seen some masking rolls on Amazon which come with 500mm of plastic you can stretch out, thought of doubling this up - would 1m be enough to catch any over spray?

    Any tips or advice you can give? I am doing a mock up of the panelling with scrap MDF to make sure the Mrs likes it before letting loose so that will give me a little practice with the gun before hand. Will post a pick of the panelling below.
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    I've been playing around with my wagner sprayer recently - the hardest thing is getting the right consistency of paint, then playing around with the air settings so you get a nice spray without it spluttering. Test out on some scrap material to find the best combo. Also, don't be tempted to overspray as you'll get drips - more lights coats > fewer heavy coats.
    Also, get a 2nd spray container which you fill with clean water, so you can use that to clean out the sprayer after each use.

    Yep that's lovely flooring! So cover every possible surface as the spray travels! For the floor i'd recommend roll of cardboard floor protector (TS sell it) and dust sheets everywhere else.

    Best of luck
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  4. Thanks so much for the reply. So generally would you say it isn't a barmy idea to use it then? The one I have says it takes the paint neat - is that not advisable? Worried about mis match of colours with watering it down or does it not really work like that?

    It has two containers (a smaller one for detail work) so I can use that to clean the gun out straight away, thanks for the tip.

    Trying to work out what paint to use, need to cover bare MDF so normally stick some BIN primer on first but dont want to run that through the gun. Water based primers tend to not work too well on bare MDF. I might use the Farrow & Ball mid tones primer I have on a test bit today and make a call on it. It is expensive primer but I have limited time I can make the lounge unusable with 3 young kiddies
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    Leyland acrylic primer/undercoat is my standard and never lets me down - 1/2 coats and ready for the finish. In terms of watering down, as I said it's just trial and error. Try neat first of all and see how it goes (the leyland u/coat is not too thick). Little bit of water has never resulted in variation in colour for me
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  7. Great thanks. Got one wall of panelling to finish and then will crack on next week. Hoping to get it all done in one day (the panelling only)
  8. have made a mock up of the panelling with scrap and a wonky trim I had to have a practice spray with both the primer and top coat! Also means the Mrs can do one as she doesn’t like the colour scheme as she will already have seen it

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