Fit a box around consumer fuse board

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Wayners, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. Wayners

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    I'm Looking to make a wooden box to tidy up the wall mounted fuse box. It's above front door and looks terrible. Are there any regs that need to be considered when boxing in fuse box? I know. Don't drill trough the cables when securing to wall.
  2. KIAB

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    Think it has to be non-combustible enclosure now, could be wrong.

    Used some spare Hardie tile backer board,as it has a A1 fire rating, to make a cabinet here around fuseboard,etc.
  3. Bazza

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    It doesnt need to be fire-resistant. Just make sure that the fusebox can still be accessed when the box has been fitted. That means that the cover can still be removed, for maintenance, as well!

    And yes, be very careful about cable locations. Dont forget that cables can run above, below and to either side of the fusebox. If I were you, I would Gripfill battens to the wall and fix your box to the battens.
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  4. Bob Rathbone

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    The simplest method is to fit an IKEA cupboard over it with no back. It is not part of the electrical installation so our regulations have nothing to say about it. Just take care when drilling the fixing holes. While you are working up there, fit a small battery LED light so that you can see when the lights go out.
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  5. DaveF

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  6. Wayners

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    OK Thanks. I'll be sticking to wall not drilling. Mdf probably
  7. Pollowick

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    When you undertake your "assessment" what contingency do you put into place should you find spam?
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  8. KIAB

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    There even a SPAM museum.:)
  9. Comlec

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    ...and not like this (from a recent visit)
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  10. Paulie1412

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  11. Bazza

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    Are those the brackets that don’t need screwing to the wall ??
  12. Paulie1412

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    No they screw to the wall but unless your using lightweight mdf it becomes a lot of weight to just rely on glue especially when you open the door which then creates a levering effect unless its a unit which stands on the ground

    I suppose I should have just stuck this unit to the Wall, or maybe it’s a case of using appropriate and suitable fixings

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  13. Bazza

    Bazza Screwfix Select

    Yes, but the OP doesnt know where the cables are in the wall. Do you want to tell him where he can safely drill above, below and either side of a fuseboard?
  14. Paulie1412

    Paulie1412 Active Member

    so stick it and hope it doesn’t fall down, and while there at it they should never screw into a wall with a socket or switch coz they don’t know where the cable is. If there’s any doubt use a stud/ cable finder.
    Personally though I wouldn’t rely on just glue on a carcass made of standard Mdf and I don’t know many other chippies who would
  15. JP.

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    Concur with Paulie - if you cant screw the box to the wall then just leave the db as it is
  16. DIYDave.

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    But the OP in this case is Wayners - don’t know him personally but from his posts, he’s a pro decorator and/or maybe multi trade ?

    Surely he can whip off the CU cover and make a note of where the cables enter the CU

    Agree, may not be directly vertical above cut outs and cables are run on occasions wonky / diagonal / horizontal / and probably more !

    If cables are all entering/leaving from top/bottom - then just fix at sides. Steel stretcher plates will do the job

    I think all this ‘stating the bleeding obvious’ is an insult to a pro ans would be to a good few diy’ers as well (me included) :)

    Sure won’t be a problem for Wayners, I personally wouldn’t loose any sleep over the prospect (and yes have done this same job myself)
  17. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    @DIYDave. Yeah pro Dec and I skim my own work plus second fix ect if required. Pushing for more high spec decorating these days where I can earn a living without the physical strain. I have a cable detector ect but electrical regs change. Thought I would check here although I could of asked sparks I know. Sometimes more useful to others and myself to be ask on this forum
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  18. DIYDave.

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    This is a CU I boxed in for my sister- was a challenge as didn’t want to block in window above door

    CU looks tight to cabinet but cover is easily removable, as long as CU isn’t upgraded for a bigger unit in the future !

    Stretcher plates side and base and screws through top rail in ceiling joists

    I didn’t blow myself or the house up and it will never fall off the wall :)

    Sis was then gonna stain or paint it during house makeover

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  19. seneca

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    Looks very neat Dave.
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  20. Pollowick

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    Is that an old fashioned call bell below the cupboard? Do you come running whenever she pulls it?

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