Fitting a combi boiler yourself!

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Rodge, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. Rodge

    Rodge New Member

    This is another post in relation to my one about combi's in lofts...

    I'm a competent DIYer and have tackled major plumbing work for years... the time has come to replace my boiler and I obviously feel as though I could do it myself! BUT... i know that i can't do the gas, nor would i try risking my families life.

    Saying that I can easily fit all the system bar the gas and flue connections. Would it be within regulation to do that much and leave the gas & flue to a professional?

    I know I may struggle to get someone to do just that bit, but is it legal for me to do all the 'wet' work myself?

    Also has anyone used speed fit pipes and connectors with combi systems - unsure about the pressure, although would make feeding pipes in the wall cavity in the loft sooo much easier!

    Cheers, Phil
  2. doitall

    doitall New Member

    get someone that will do the boiler first, then you can consult with him how he wants things.

    Remember also that the gas pipe will probably have to be 28mm because of the distance.

    For any diy work it requires building control notification.
  3. jonob

    jonob Member

    ive never heard of informing bco to replace a boiler

    lucky enough ive a corgi mate and often i replace
    the boiler in consultation with him then he does the gas work
  4. doitall

    doitall New Member

    Most tradesmen can self certify, for water, gas, electric, and building projects.
  5. Rodge

    Rodge New Member

    Thanks again guys

    When you say 'Self Certify' is that basically letting them know what your doing. Is there any more to it like them coming out to inspect the proposed site or the completed work?

    As for the 28mm pipe - I have say 5m up direct to the loft space then it would be another 6m to the boiler. I recall a mate having one gassed in and they had to change his gas pipe to 28mm probably over the same distance :/

    Cheers, Phil
  6. doitall

    doitall New Member

    To self certify the tradsman has the qualifications to fill out the paperwork and sign it, otherwise bco will want to check before and after.

    adding 0.5m for each bend, say a total of 15m long it will deliver 3.4M³/hour in 22mm or 7M³ in 28mm.
  7. Rodge

    Rodge New Member

    Cool. I have found out my local Building Control Office and e-mailed them with my proposal - I'm sure they will get back soon.

    If you say that the tradesmen can self certify then I may be better, like you said earlier, geting in touch with a CORGI regestered plumber and if he's happy with the deal then he'll do the gas and flue and sign it off...

    Cheers, Phil
  8. plummit

    plummit New Member

    I totally agree with diy. I appreciate that you can run the flow, and return pipes, hot water etc. But prior to siting the boiler, It would be very beneficial to you, to consult a competant, gas installer, as the materials you site the boiler on, and the outlet for the balanced flue, is to say the least very important. I would hate for you to drill holes, mount the said boiler, only to find that the situation, and termination of the flue, would not be appropriate. I noticed that you asked about speed fit pipe work, I am not totally sure, that the manuel for your boiler, states that at least a metre of copper pipe be installed prior to connecting to that plastic stuff. I am sure that you are more than capable of installing the system yourself. But my only advise would be to check with a competant gas,electrical, and plumbing engineer prior to starting work. Just a quick point, are you tying back into original pipe work, and radiators?. If so, take a great deal of care, good luck on your plumbing mate. Hope all goes well.
  9. Rodge

    Rodge New Member

    Cheers Plumbit..

    I totally agree with what your saying. I dont particularly like the speed fit stuff but have used it on certain jobs where it's almost physially impossible to go copper - haven't had any disasters yet! This job will be so much harder in this environment if i dont use speed fit, but as i said, am worried about fittings blowing off incase of excessive pressures!

    I'm considering now fitting all the rads etc and piping up to the attic space (if it can go there) and leave the rest to a CORGI guy.

    Cheers mate, Phil

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