Fitting a wet room shower tray

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by baracus, Oct 13, 2018.

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    I believe I have 2 options for my walk in shower which is currently at insulation level on the floor (see picture).

    A) Screed on the insulation at a slight slope into a drain ( linear drain) and tile on top of the screed once the screed has gone off ( one month?)

    B) Buy a wet room tray and tile on that.

    My question is which is preferred generally and with the wet room tray option does that sit directly on the insulation? Or what sub base is required?

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    baracus cant see any pictures but usually a linear system is fitted on an upgraded/strengthened uk floor system. it takes some working out to get it correct.

    now i only fit 40mm high trays, (often on top of linear tiled in leaking shower floors) as had so many problems with linear installs leaking,something to do with movement of expansion and contraction. not to mention lardy shower users and honeymoon couples trying out something new :rolleyes:

    happy showering :rolleyes:

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