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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by tore81, Feb 6, 2024.

  1. tore81

    tore81 Screwfix Select

    Hi all looking at refurbing my stairs.

    I have no channel in my handrail to accommodate the square spindles.

    I was wandaring could I not attach a piece of timber rebated out to underside of handrail and like wise on base rail.

    Has anyone done this or common practice rather than changing the handrail
  2. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    You could but it might look cack with spindles. I’d sooner rout a groove into a new piece of timber and fit glass if you were adamant about keeping the handrail. Without a photo you are only going to get basic advice as no one can see what you’ve got.
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  3. RegB

    RegB Active Member

    My (and other stairs I've seen) have no "channel". The spindles are just skew nailed into the top of the string/underside of the handrail.
  4. WillyEckerslike

    WillyEckerslike Screwfix Select

    The gaps between the spindles in the grooves/channels are often filled with an appropriate piece of timber to make a neater job. On first appearance they look as if there wasn't a channel.
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  5. RegB

    RegB Active Member

    Yes, that can be done. However, on the stairs I am talking about, the spindles are skew-nailed into the string and the underside of the handrail. I should know, because they're a) my stairs, and b) I knocked the spindles out to strip them, then nailed them back on!
  6. RegB

    RegB Active Member

    Oh, OK. I was about to get all het up and send photos. The nails held the spindles remarkably well, they needed bashing out with a hammer and a block, stripping was not easy but much easier than in situ.
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  7. tore81

    tore81 Screwfix Select

    Any ideas what piece is called and am I able to fit onto existing handrail
  8. KOTK

    KOTK New Member

    I've a similar issue to the original poster, any answers may also help them, and others.

    I've been looking at taking the panels out of my stairs and fitting spindles.
    There is no baserail with groove, and no groove under the handrail.
    I think it will be easy to install a baserail for the bottom.
    For the handrail, I was thinking about installing another identical baserail upside down under the handrail. So then having grooves top and bottom for the spindles.
    I think this would need quite narrow baserails, to avoid sticking out too far.
    Is this possible? Is there a better solution ?
  9. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    Yes it’s possible as it’s an obvious solution however as you’ve stated it would need to be smaller in width to the handrail in order to look good/proportionally correct but may be difficult go find an appropriate match.
  10. tore81

    tore81 Screwfix Select

    Thankyou for the replies, I’m going to a local joiner so hopefully will feed back the base rail will be hanging over.

    but surely could come under it with some nice architrave which would look pleasing. Someone must of done this. It would be nice to be the first tho lol.
  11. RegB

    RegB Active Member

    As before, you can just nail them in. Here's a handrail with spindles nailed on, the stair's string has a strip with rounded edges nailed on., then the spindles are nailed through that to the string with lost-head nails. The filler looks like putty, darker would have been better.

    P1090245.JPG P1090247.JPG
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