Fitting downlighters downstairs

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Beneley, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. Beneley

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    I've fitted halogen downlighters to most rooms upstairs, which is usually relatively easy despite climbing around the loft like a chimp.

    I'd like to fit a set downstairs but I've then got to tackle the chipboard problem! I just wondered how the pros do it, I'm almost tempted ripping the plasterboard ceiling off in places and getting a plasterer to replace afterwards. I've taken chipboard off before but as it's tongue and grooved and nailed I always find it near impossible to get them up with out wrecking. Why don't they screw them down instead of nailing when the house is built?
  2. andyboy

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    you have to cut the tongues with a saw being carful not to cut any pipes or wires beneath, then cut the board cross ways up against a joist, then when you replace it nail some 2by1 against the side of the joist to support the edge of the board you cut. Dont lever the board up, try and get the nails out first as the boards break dead easy.
  3. supersparky

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    you mst fit fire hoods downstairs, also the pros, me and all that i know, cut the toungue with a circular saw

  4. eyetry

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  5. marcus72

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    I haven't used it as I have floorboards but Screwfix do a Solid Board Cutter that lets you cut a replaceable circular plug (with a rebate) in solid floors. Not sure if it would give you enough access for getting through joists etc but you could maybe cut a hole above each light? Couldn't work out how to put a link in this post (help anyone?) but it's on the website and around P.80 in the catalogues.
  6. eyetry

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    Find the Board Cutter on the website. Highlight the address in the address bar, choose edit from the list at the top and select copy, come back here and edit paste it into your post.

    Happy Days.

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