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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by DavidMSmith, Oct 11, 2021.

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    I need to boost the pressure for the whole house HW system - low pressure gravity, long pipe runs, slow flow to HW tap in kitchen and utility room. Converting to pressurised system is an expensive option at this stage, so contemplating a whole house booster pump (Salamander RP120 SU or similar) - much cheaper and less disruption.

    All the pump manufacturers seem to recommend fitting an Essex or Surrey flange to avoid air entering the pump. Drilling and fitting the tank for an Essex flange looks a bit challenging judging by Youtube videos. The Surrey flange option looks a bit more straightforward as long as I can get the existing 1"BSP male to 22mm adapter out of the HW tank.

    Does anyone have any tips on removing the existing adapter (apart from using the correct size spanner!)? I'd rather avoid trashing the tank (Hercal 1050 x 450 140l Grade 3) which is in good condition. We live in a hard water area and no water softener (yet).

    The existing HW pipework is 28mm from the tank.

    Are Surrey or Essex flanges always required? Is it essential or desirable? Worth installing the pump and seeing if air entrapment is an issue? Only 2 of us in the house so no huge demand for shower after shower.

    Many thanks in anticipation!
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    FIrst of all check that there is not a side outlet you have not seen.

    Cutting a new hole for a flange is not as daunting as it seems. Either drill a 6mm hole and use a Q-max cutter or a "step drill". Did one last year to change a 15mm outlet to 22mm and then fit a quality original Essex flange. rather than Chinese copies.

    Think about the pressure and flow rates you will need - a 3bar to bathroom sink will give you wet feet! So would need some restriction.
  3. DavidMSmith

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    Hi FlyByNight,
    Many thanks for your advice - much appreciated! Think I'm feeling a bit more confident about the Essex flange route.
    The taps all have service valves on them so can screw down the ones on washbasins.

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