Fitting PAX wardrobes Skirting Board

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Urban Bumpkin, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    Never heard of the company but you can't go wrong at that price.

    KEVIN NAIRN Member

    I would take out the quadrant moulding, and get a piece of white UPVC about 25mm wider than the gap and glue (and pin it if necessary) to the side of the robe. It would then look like a cover mould. If the floor or wall was out of plumb, you could adjust it until it was tight to the wall. Try Wickes as they have some nice pieces of UPVC with one edge rounded.
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  3. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    Aesthetically the above suggestion would stick out like a sore thumb. :eek:
  4. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    Blimey ...... an arthritic 97 year old pensioner would have this job done by now with nothing more than the trusty electric carving knife to cut skirt away

    Draggin on now innit ..........

    Correct answer was given in post 4

    (Er ..... yeah.... that was mine .... but ... :D)

    KEVIN NAIRN Member

    And if the wall's out of plumb...?
  6. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    Caulk and more caulk if gap big

    Stuff with newspaper if needed to stop caulk falling through

    Timber fillet if really needed

    Paint in as wall colour

    Collect pension, put teeth in sterident, put carving knife away, have a sherry, stroke the cat, job done :p
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  7. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    Sherry! DIYDave you are showing your age! Harvey's 'OLD ALE' here ;)
  8. Urban Bumpkin

    Urban Bumpkin Member

    Chill Dave
    I can’t start the job till Saturday as I’m working all this week and the wardrobes aren't arriving till tomorrow.
  9. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    I’m chilled man ..... just avin a larf :) Hope all goes well and give that carving knife a wipe over b4 using on the Sunday roast :confused:
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  10. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    Sunday roast and sherry.......................does that still exist!
  11. WillyEckerslike

    WillyEckerslike Screwfix Select

    Probably one of the flavours tried by Walkers....
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  12. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    Actually, quality sherry has been gaining popularity over the last few years

    Not the mass produced, sickly sweet Bristol Cream and Croft Original type stuff but dry, fine Manzanilla Sherries. Served well chilled, in a nice thin rimmed glass, drink like a good wine or used in cocktails

    Even the supermarkets have a much better range now than years ago, but look at the upper range - even so, £9-£15 quid will get you a decent enough bottle

    I was in Portugal over the new year and whislt drinking anything alcoholic :) I necked a few Vermouths (rouge) and this took me back to the early 80s and Cinzanno

    Was a nice long drink with loads of ice, citrus chunks and a splash of tonic or lemonade, even bought a couple bottles back home as it’s a great drink

    So there you go, good to reminisce ..... as for leccie carving knife ......... just Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Never :eek:
  13. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    Not as popular though as craft Gins, sales have gone through the roof. Think Urban Bumpkin may sink a few when he's finished this install! :D
  14. Urban Bumpkin

    Urban Bumpkin Member

    Think I might start on them now
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