Fitting real wood doors prices on first floor

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by sally green, Nov 12, 2021.

  1. sally green

    sally green Active Member


    in a couple of months time, will have 7 new doors fitted, all are about the average size.

    We are thinking of buying pine doors, the ones with less/no knots.

    As the work will be on the first floor I am guessing the carpenter will charge more.

    How much can we expect to pay for all seven doors labour and vat, please. (London prices towards Kent)

    We do plan ahead so no rush and the carpenter can do weekends/late

    How long should it take?

    Any tips to ensure doors fit well how to screen the person doing the job?

    In the past we have shown them a good fitting door and told them fihisn has to match that
    but come the time he made feeble excuses about frame being slightly out and I thought, so what you could have trimmed it accordingly.

    We do not want to go for the lighter/cheaper doors as I don't like the wavy pattern on them
  2. woodbutcherbower

    woodbutcherbower Well-Known Member

    No quality professional joiner should quote a price before visiting the job along with some levels, a large square and a few other bits. If you find anyone who just says ‘£x a door, mate’ - they should best be avoided IMHO. Please don’t think I’m being awkward, but if you put 100 joiners in a room and ask them what their most hated job is - “New doors into old frames” will figure high on the list.

    Without looking at the job first, the guy will have no idea if he’s dealing with rebated frames or separate stop lats, how much making-good the frames need, how out of square/plumb the frames are, how much trimming the doors need, what type of locks are to be fitted - etc. etc. etc.

    Pricing these jobs isn’t a one-size-fits-all task. A frame being twisted isn’t a ‘feeble excuse’ - it’s a fact which the guy has to address and fix, and that’s often time-consuming. He has a living to earn.

    Best source of tradesmen is recommendations from friends and family. The likes of Checkatrade and MyBuilder don’t have an especially great reputation on here.
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  3. sally green

    sally green Active Member

    Hi WBB

    Excellent response, appreciated.
    I've noted what you have said and will certainly not accept online/over the phone quotes.
    If it was just the one door then may be, but not for the 7 we are having done.
    I will make bullet notes and keep them for when I need the quotes and tell them the exact finish
    I am looking at and their price inc vat to achieve that and no excuses as I will tell them to look at every.
    I will then decide if I can afford the 100% perfect fits for xxxxx amount or the standard fits/average fits for less.

    Re the find a builder/etc site - I always read through all the feedback or skim through the majority and read the relevant
    feedback. This is as you know, some carpenter may be good at laying floors fitting skirting but **** at doors, thank you.
    If the traders has several no feedbacks, I tend to avoid them as well as most that are 100% happy will leave feedback.

    Thank you
  4. woodbutcherbower

    woodbutcherbower Well-Known Member

    You're welcome, Sally. A decent joiner will know exactly how they're supposed to look, and will have the skills and experience to achieve it. A good tradesman will also be happy to provide you with a list of references for other customers he's worked for.

    Hope all goes well.
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  5. sally green

    sally green Active Member

    thank you again it will be after xmas. soon after early Jan I hope but I will re-read this post to prepare myself for the quote and ask the important questions
  6. Worcesterman

    Worcesterman Member

    I guess a list of references is something. I usually look for as much objective online feedback from other customers as I can when hiring somebody. Its maybe not always the whole truth but I’ve found a few times that people with a large amount of great feedback are truely amazing at their job. And if its a really high standard you’re after then that might be the way to go.
  7. sally green

    sally green Active Member

    Thanks, it's what I look out for.

    Looking at doors, the cheaper ones come with undercoats but not the couple I liked.

    The advantages of disadvantageous of real wood and those pressed doors - will a carpenter charge moor to fit internal real wood doors as they are heavier or will it be cheaper as their is less to go wrong, ie can trim more off a door, etc.

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