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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by mackie, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. retiredsparks

    retiredsparks Super Member

    I shall try to keep this as simple as my mind will allow.. for you.
    And to be honest I am not sure if you are just being the devils advocate, but there is someone else on here that is called that, and does it properly.

    If you care to look at the chronology of the post in electricians forum you will see that SPARKS
    asked a question  ".....why cables in cavities is frowned upon...."

    I assumed he meant internal domestic.....and not power station / nuclear facilities / navel dockyards etc.

    The very next posting was mine, which gave him some indication why reference to specific regs in  both books, to indicate a timeline.....
    hence establishing that it was not just a new reg.
    Are you with me so far ?
    If you there some other item I can help you with...which you are having trouble grasping ?
  2. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    Sean, ther'es nowt  appealing about fitting the skirting after the carpets have been laid. Who's to say the floor is actually level? Have you tried scribing skirting boards to carpet (where the floor isn't level ?
  3. Sean_ork

    Sean_ork Screwfix Select

    oh come RS - when in a hole stop digging

    the title of the thread was ''Exterior Lighting Question'' - so you ''assumed he meant internal domestic''

    even thou the essence of his question was ..........

    Basically I am going to build patio brick walling on the periphery of my patio, and this wall will have a cavity''[/i]

    you answered a question very well - just not the question that was asked



    Fitting skirting boards on top of carpet is something that should never be done. Skirting boards should be scribed correctly the suit the levels of the floor and carpet gripper rods are designed to run infront of the skirting boards. I hate to think of the mess on the carpet if gripfill manages to work its way under the skirting boards.
    Definately not something I would ever agree to do.
  5. surfermick

    surfermick New Member

    ah, sense at last.further to this, there is no college in the land that allows the use of no more nails/gripfill/sticks like **** when fitting skirting boards. screw top and bottom is the correct professional method. it is of course up to the individual how they wish to work. personally, i hate to see skirting glued on.
  6. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    Dunno surfermick. Times change and techniques develop. In Victorian times us joiners would have to skirt a room out before the plasterers went in. We'd have had to cut wedges to fit tighly into the perps in the brickwork. Cut these off straight and plumb then nail the skirting to them. Have you ever used this method to fit skirtings? I have "ONCE" (on a listed building)  Never again.!!!  Far too time consuming. No one in their right mind would use the Victorian method these days.
    If the wall is flat and fairly true across it's length, then there's no reason whatsoever to not use gripfill/no more nails etc. (and save a load of time )
  7. Sean_ork

    Sean_ork Screwfix Select

    could we all agree that ..........

    it is of course up to the individual how they wish to work.''
  8. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    We can all agree to that Sean, but you know what we think if you fit skirtings on top of carpets. Yee Ha. Yippy Kai Ay
  9. surfermick

    surfermick New Member

    have ripped plenty out John and replaced a few like for like, i agree times move on, its just for  me its screws. the plaster tends to blow the glue and the skirting board starts falling.  well, ive said my bit here and i havnt fallen out with anybody, all is well in the screwfix world for me today:)
  10. was dunc before

    was dunc before New Member

    Decent build, skirtings on floorboards. Temporary display area, skirtings on carpet.
  11. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    Skirting over carpet. No way Jose. Really Sean, really? You must be on a windup. True that floorcovering going under skirts is common, but thats tile or laminate etc, not carpet. Never seen it and I have worked in a lot of places and probably skirted my way to the moon.
  12. Sean_ork

    Sean_ork Screwfix Select

    no wind up - lots of people prefer the clean sharp edge of the bottom of the skirt, rather than the fuzzy/frayed/undulating edge of a carpet
  13. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    Who gets their room carpeted and then skirted, no-one thats who. Utter garbage. I work in properties dating back many centuries through to new build and never seen it. Never in a million years, even on carpets that are many hundred a sq m. Biggest crock I have ever read on here and if you genuinely believe that is good practice then your credibility is zero.
  14. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    As for the suggestion that you are looking at quality and appearance rather than speed and ease, I dont think so.
  15. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    Not only that, the tufts get squashed there, and if the carpet shrinks a tad, they stay under the skirting and gives an uneven, some flat, some stood tufts that looks awful. And the longer(deeper the pile) the worse it looks.

    Well it looks like they've been squashed under the skirting!(to state the bleedin' obvious)

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
  16. surfermick

    surfermick New Member

    do away withe the skirting board and return the carpet up the wall 5 inches;)
  17. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    When I fit doors I generally speaking screw them shut as that way you prevent sound transfer through the house and I feel it looks neater.
  18. Sean_ork

    Sean_ork Screwfix Select

    I'll loose no sleep tonight if you doubt the demand for such an effect, you should however accept that you are not the all seeing eye - yet, there's folks wondering why this forum has been dying a slow painful death for years, and why so few new people join, or why the loss of input from a plumber, prone to inaccuracy, is being so lamented

    look to yourselves ..........
  19. tom.plum

    tom.plum Screwfix Select

    its a good job you came back sean to put a bit of comedy into the forum with your radical ideas, you'll be saying next that the bathroom is tiled on top of the bathroom mat,
  20. surfermick

    surfermick New Member

    which folk are these Sean, with all due respect youve only been around a few weeks, how do you know what people have been going on about for years.
      i dont mean to be rude because im not having any run ins with you lately but do you have humour in your day to day life or is it all as serious as you come across as on here and im really not having a dig, im just puzzled by your lack of fun and humility.

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