Fixing a Worktop Join not flush!

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by HVC587, Jan 3, 2018.

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    Worktop is black gloss with glitter flecks joined with black mitre seal (butt joint & bolts). We had issues tightening the bolts & unfortunately one side has moved during drying so both the edge & top are now not flush. Are there any quick fixes? Is it possible to remove sealant & start again without cutting a new worktop edge? Any mitre seal removers you can recommend? Many thanks!
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    You might be able to get away with removing the bolts and lifting the end furthest away from the male joint as hard and quickly as you can. It would help to know exactly what type and make seal you used though. If it was say BB Complete there would be no chance of breaking a joint in the manner i described.
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  3. HVC, is it a normal laminate top, or a 'composite' type with a much thicker covering like Maia?

    I wonder if - if laminate - there's a risk of splitting/lifting the laminate edge if you try simply 'knocking' one side down? Would it be safer to try 'pulling' them apart first? Or even 'levering' one top away from the other; ie like pushing the lower leg of an 'L' upwards.

    I don't know - just putting it out there.

    But it would help to know the worktop and sealant types as KF1 says.
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    As others have said it depends partly on the type of laminate and the sealant/glue at the joint. If it was Colorfil I would be tempted to loosen the bolts and try pushing the joint upwards from underneath at the joint, as there is less chance of splintering the laminate I would think. Colorfil tends to become a bit brittle once dry, so it may 'snap' apart nicely.
    Will be a bit of a pig to rejoin it nicely though even with decent prep and clean up. I would,
    if possible, re-rout the male end by a few mil if there is enough left in the top at the other end.

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