Fixing cabinets to aerated insulation blocks

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    I'm fitting my kitchen out and looking for some advise on the best screws for fixing my kitchen cupboards to aerated insulation blocks with dot and dab plasterboard (I have continuous dots of plaster where I need to screw through the plasterboard.

    My base units have solid wooden backs with around 80mm of air gap, I purchased some space plugs to fix through but need some help on what the best fixing screws fixings would be. I guess concrete screws (without wall plugs) would not hold in the insulation blocks?

    Regarding the wall hanging units, these also have solid backs so I would like to drill through into the insulation blocks and screw without using a hanging rail solution. Again I have a continuous bed of dot board adhesive where I want to put the screw fixing though.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Long ones.
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  4. The Stealth

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    Thanks but just before your post I spoke to Fischer Fixings directly and as a result I have now already ordered some Fischer Duopower Nylon Fixing Plugs Size: 8 x 65mm long. I will order some 180mm long 8mm screws and see how they go.

    Thanks for your help.


  5. The Stealth

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    Job now done and its solid as a rock!

    I decided to use 6.0 x 150mm screws (Toolstation p/n 64459. Ulti-Mate II Stick-Fit Zinc & Yellow Plated Screw 6.0 x 150mm) Expensive but good strong screws and the box comes with the correct bit.

    Used with the Fischer Duopower Nylon Fixing Plugs (Sized: 8 x 65mm long) (65mm long version hard to source so had to buy online.

    Together with the adjustable spacer plugs to take up the air gap to the rear of the cabinets.

    I drilled an 8mm hole through the cabinet straight into the insulation blocks, pushed the plug into the insulation block and screwed through the cabinet, no need to countersink the head the screw cut in okay.

    I hope this is of help for others.

    IMG_7088.JPG IMG_7089_50.jpg


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    looks like a good solution

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