Fixing heavy mirror to plasterboard

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Kaz69, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Kaz69

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    Hi all

    As the title says I have a heavy mirror (12kg) that needs fixing to a wall which is plasterboard which is against breeze blocks (with gap inbetween for insulation)

    What’s the best fixing to make sure it stays up and takes the weight as I’ve seen some long fixings that I guess go into the breeze block but need recommendations too.

    The mirror only has one fixing/catch at the top of it to place on the wall.

  2. furious_customer

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  3. Pollowick

    Pollowick Well-Known Member

    What does the fixing plate look like? Picture?
  4. Kaz69

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  5. Wayners

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    Just stick it with mirror adhesive or one of the many polymer mastics that are about. This is stuck to cupboard door. Nothing but mirror mastic and a little grip fill. Looks strange with mirror reflection as looks like it on the outside. It's not though. I've stuck on walls to but someone will have fun getting it off.. [​IMG]
  6. Kaz69

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    I’ll try get a pic today, buts it’s a single hope for a screw to sit on
  7. Allsorts

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    I'm surprised it's a single fixing for such a heavy mirror.

    I agree with furious-c; these drywall fixings are great. They are ideal for this as they 'lock' in place once fitted and don't move about - movement is the biggest problem you'll have when securing in to p'board; the stuff is surprisingly strong - right up to the point the fixing starts to move and then the peper layers tear and the plaster crumbles...

    When fitting that drywall fitting, drill a snug hole and use a sharp drill with light pressure - wood drills are ideal, ie the ones with a wee spike in t'middle and sharp raised outside edges; these will cut neatly in to the paper and not mangle it. Be especially careful when you break through to the far side - you don;t want the p'board to be 'burst' but to have a neat, clean hole.

    Then, when you tighten the fixing (before the mirror goes on), be sure to keep it from rotating with the last tightening - again you don't want it tearing the paper layer on either side.

    (If you have lots to do, you can buy and fixing tool for them, but not worth it for just a few.)
  8. Kaz69

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    Here’s the image

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  9. Kaz69

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    Only issue I have is if the Mrs wants to move it lol
  10. Severntrent

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    Checkout Gripits Screwfix 7518J, I have used tem to hang heavy objects, different colour coding for varying weights
  11. Allsorts

    Allsorts Well-Known Member

    The only trouble with that mounting is that the 'hole' part of that 'keyhole' can often be too small for even normalish screw heads.

    You may need to enlarge the hole (tricky to drill as the metal is so thin) or else grind down the diameter of the chosen fixing screw until it fits - this is what I had to do with a couple of mirrors.
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    You've ground most of us down as well DA.....
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    I'll take that as a compliment, Wlly. 'Cos I'm desperate.
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    You're desperate for Willy :p:p:p
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    Any port in a storm... :oops:
  16. Pollowick

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    That is a very small fixing for that mirror. You will need to make sure that whatever you use is strong enough and fits through the hole before you drill the wall. I would recommend that what eve you go for, make sure it has a "cheesehead" or similar and not countersunk - those suggested by furious_customer may be fine provided they fit the hole. Try one and see and then insert the fitting and hang 15kg in a bag from it to make sure.
  17. Kaz69

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    Good suggestion then I won’t risk a broken mirror
  18. Kaz69

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    So have mirror up and used the anchor at the top of the mirror where the fixing plate is plus the bottom of the mirror just resting on the radiator cover. The whole thing feels really secure no wobbling or movement from where the anchor is.

    The anchor was long for the plasterboard/gap/breeze block so I drilled into the breeze block which the anchor went into and used the setting tool. The screw for the anchor I’m guessing is sitting in the breeze block given a little support
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