Fixing plasterboards to a stud wall

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Jason200, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Jason200

    Jason200 New Member


    I?m looking for a little advice on fixing plasterboards to a stud wall.

    Im building a longish stud wall.

    Do I need to ensure the plasterboard joins always meet on a vertical stud.

    ie. when one sheet of plasterboard butts the next one, do both edges need to be screwed to a vertical timber or can I just butt them anywhere regardless of whether they're on vertical stud or not?

    The wall will be skimmed and my horizontal joins won't meet on a timber.
  2. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    Space your studs so that boards do butt up on a stud. Otherwise be prepared for some horrible cracks....
  3. @BuilderMCR

    @BuilderMCR New Member

    Set you first stud, then working towards the right for example measure from the left side of the first stud 400mm and mark it. The centre of your second stud needs to be at the 400mm mark. Every stud after that should measure 400mm from centre to centre. Then use 2.4 x 1.2 plasterboards and each joint will meet at the centre of a stud. Remember to tape your joints before you skim or you will still get cracks in your skim
  4. jeznotts

    jeznotts Member

    good advice there, as you can see 3 of us concur here it may be a bit more pricey but do put your studs in at 400mm centres, much better job!
  5. petertheplumber

    petertheplumber New Member

    What about noggins or aren't they needed any more I always used to put them in.
  6. @BuilderMCR

    @BuilderMCR New Member

    Yea, fit noggins still. I was just telling home how to get the plasterboards joints to meet at the centre of a stud.
  7. @BuilderMCR

    @BuilderMCR New Member

    ***him*** (spell checker)
  8. petertheplumber

    petertheplumber New Member

    Plenty of time to check for spelling he hasn't replied from original post yet, it's just us doing all the talk as per usual.;)
  9. @BuilderMCR

    @BuilderMCR New Member

    He probably forgot to leave a doorway in his stud wall and can't get out the room. That's what happens to diyers

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