fixing shower mixer valve to wall

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by plumb stuck, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. plumb stuck

    plumb stuck New Member

    Hi chaps... im new to the plumbing game so could do with a few tips and help as ive come to the conclusion that sales man in bathroom shops havent got a clue.
    Got a call of a customer to come and fit a mixer shower to a tiled brick wall with the pipes concealed. like the one below, sorry dont know how to do the link thing.

    I told her it could not be fitted to the wall because it has a tap connection thread with a washer and she needs one with a compression with an olive. Now i could put a 90 bend tap connection and solder onto the 15mm copper pipe but it means me chasing one big hole in the brick, but even then i wouldnt be able to get to the nut as it would be in the tiled wall. The chrome covers for the nut dont go all the way to the thread so as i said the nut would be in the wall.
    Id like to know am i right? as she says the man who sold her the shower says im wrong.
    If im right how do these showers fix to a plaster board wall, is there a plate or something to put behind to hold the mixer valve?
    Be grateful if anyone can shed any light on the issue.
  2. von trappe

    von trappe New Member

    Stud wall.
  3. tooltarticus

    tooltarticus New Member

    bent tap con isnt a good idea, just how do you think you'd nip it up once its all tiled?use two end feed backplate elbows.( 15mm x 1/2)and just ptfe the offset reducing female irons when you second fix. easy
  4. tooltarticus

    tooltarticus New Member

    obviously all ist fix pipework needs chasing into wall.and screw some 1/2 inch plugs into the backplate elbows to stop the tiler filling them up with muck
  5. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

  6. Cornish Crofter

    Cornish Crofter Active Member

    I've just taken out an old Mira shower valve that wwas embedded/chased into an outside wall.

    What a complete mess that left!

    The inner leaf has been penetrated. We have decided to batten the wall and fit aqua panel over. It's cheaper than repairing the wall!

    The customer suggested filling the hole with expanding foam. I didn't do that for fear of bridging the cavity!

    The irony is that both the adjacent walls were stud walls!
  7. plumb stuck

    plumb stuck New Member

    Thanks lads... end feed wall plate.. just didnt think of that at all.. cheers
  8. doing a bit

    doing a bit New Member

    you need a set of small shower elbows eurobath make a set ,stock no wg -049bracket-sm-c/p , try merchants, all you need is to bring 2 15mm pipes out of the wall at 150mm centres, hot on left, tile wall and 2 nd fix later , easy fix with these brackets!
  9. plumb stuck

    plumb stuck New Member

    doing a bit... you got a web site for these brkts? looked on eurobath and cant see any. ive already got 2 pipes coming out of the wall at 150mm centre.
  10. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    Doing a bit is right, I use that type all the time, by far the easiest. Gummers also make the kit. sell them too, I bought a pair last week
  11. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    I just looked on the Eurobath website (now called Vado)

    The brackets are under 'wastes' although those particular brackets look a little different to the ones I normally use.
  12. plumb stuck

    plumb stuck New Member

    looked at the brackets... so how would the mixer ive got which has swivel flanges for varied pipe widthes connect to the bracket?
  13. doing a bit

    doing a bit New Member

    the swivel adaptors you have throw them in the scrap bin, just keep the chrome collars, you mount the brackets over the pipes screw to wall then make the internal olive onto the pipe, hold the bracket base dont rely on the wall fixings, then screw the collars on to the brackets (3/4 BSP ) then washers and the mixer, your done !
  14. plumb stuck

    plumb stuck New Member

    Thanks your a star....

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