Fixing stud wall to shed base

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What's wrong with fixing the stud walls directly to the shed base and then fixing osb3 flooring outs

  1. ok to fix to shed base with possibly wider footing

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  2. not suitable stabillity-wise

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  1. rfazley

    rfazley New Member

    After some advice please - building a 4m x 3m shed on a concrete base, with two brick course on which I've built an insulated base.

    All the designs I've ever seen show the stud walls being fitted to the floor (in my case osb3 screwed into the base).

    My question is if I wanted to replace the floor in the future surely this design is flawed. What's wrong with fixing the stud walls directly to the shed base and then fixing osb3 flooring outside this?
  2. rfazley

    rfazley New Member

    Just to clarify this further, the insulated base is a floating floor.

    Guess what I'm asking here if not's clear is why can't the stud walls be fixed directly to the joists instead of on top of the flooring? If this would work I could then then fit the osb3 flooring inside of this - allowing the flooring to be replaced much easier in future.
  3. ramseyman

    ramseyman Screwfix Select

    You can. You will, however, have gaps between the joists on two sides from floor to concretewhich may or may not cause a problem depending on what you're cladding with. Make sure you have dpm or equivalent at the base of the cladding extensding down the face edge of the cocrete to act as flashing and prevent water running onto the concrete.
  4. AnotherTopJob

    AnotherTopJob Screwfix Select

    It probably adds a bit more strength fixing on top of the floor and is arguably more straightforward to construct.
    However if you're happy with it being structurally sound, then go for it.
  5. rfazley

    rfazley New Member

    Thank you for your comments; I'll take your thoughts onboard.

    Need to have a think about the osb3 flooring not being fully supported on one end.

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